Agalga bemoans wanton lawlessness

— Calls for tight case against Capt Mahama assailants

 James Agalga, Member of Parliament for Builsa North and Ranking Member for the Interior, has expressed worry at the manner at which people are taking the law into their own hands with impunity.

According to him, the unmeritorious acts of mob attacks are becoming a norm rather than an exception in the country and that if the situation is not brought under control, it could jeopardise the nation’s peace and stability.

The gruesome murder of Captain Maxwell Adam Mahama has brought Ghana’s vibrant democratic dispensation under threat over what has been alleged to be  seemly failure of government to deal with internal insecurity.

Nonetheless, Mr. Agalga, who is a former Deputy Minister of Interior, told The Republic in an interview that the insecurity and unabated mob justice in the country is becoming often too many and that the gruesome murder of Captain Maxwell without any provocation whatsoever was most unfortunate and retrogressing of the nation’s progress.

He said, it was most shameful for the people of Denkyira Obuasi to act in a manner that they did to a young man who was simply serving his nation in such a manner without any provocation.

“Unknown to the young officer, the very people he had sworn an oath to defend even at the peril of his own life metamorphosed into the unknown and unsuspecting enemy who would round him up without the least provocation and in a beastly and barbaric manner murder him in cold blood,” he said.

He called on the security forces to do a thorough investigation and bring the perpetrators to book, adding that, a proper case must be built so it does not end up in futility as it happened in other similar cases in the country recently.

“I think the security, thus the police, must do a thorough investigation, get the perpetrators arrested and prepare a solid case against them. We heard some people involved in this barbaric act had been arrested and remanded in custody by the court but it should not end there,” Mr. Agalga stated.

He noted that, what is most worrying is that, if police officers and an armed army captain are victims of mob injustice, then he doesn’t know who in the country could claim being fortified against the barbarism of mob justice.

The former Deputy Interior minister reiterated that the  false claims that Captain Mahama was an armed robber and hence the commission of that dastardly act is most appalling, stating that no law in the country allows citizens to take the law into their own hands and enter judgment publicly against fellow citizens.

He added, if the perpetrators are left of the hook, it would reaffirm the wrongful notion that vigilantes do not believe that they will be held accountable for taking the law into their own hands when they assault or murder people.

“The culture of impunity must be crushed in our bid to deal with mob killings or vigilantism,” Agalga stated.

Hed however called on government to consider putting in place a sponsorship package for the children of the late Captain till they attain university education, in addition to the payment of adequate compensation to the deceased family.


Source: / Felix Engsalige Nyaaba


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