….Claims She’s Building Dome Market, As Mike Oquaye Jr Scares Her Into Telling ‘Anansesem’

The sordid claim by the Member of Parliament for Dome Kwabenya, Sarah Adwoa Safo, that she had lobbied for funding for the Kwabenya Senior High School is just one part of a choreography of lies that she is selling to her constituents, The Gazette has heard.

Even as she is badly entangled in that lie, it has emerged that Adwoa Safo also claims to be the one who is putting up the Dome market.

According to tale, the MP claims that she, just like in the case of the Kwabenya Senior High School block, is the one behind the construction of the main Dome market.

The claim had apparently been made in the very interaction with her constituents which produced the shocking lie about the Kwabenya SHS school block.

However, the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC)’s Vice Chairman for Dome Kwabenya, Isaac Nii Lante Lamptey, has dismissed the claim as a lie from the pit of hell.

“Adwoa Safo is claiming that she is the one putting up the Dome market, I also want to state that she is a liar. She doesn’t know anything about that market project,” Mr. Lamptey said in an interview.

He said it is one part of Adwoa Safo’s choreography of lies that the NDC in the constituency will do everything to deodorize constituents from.

On Accra-based Radio Gold, he said the lies are being put up by the MP to mask her incompetence and lacking sense of industry.

As a matter of the MP’s incompetence, he cited that the roads in the constituency, including the one leading to Taifa, where the MP’s father lives, and the one in Kwabenya, where she herself lives, are in wretched condition.

“Adwoa Safo knows nothing about the projects that she is claiming for herself,” Nii Lante Lamptey said, adding that her constituents plan to stage demonstrations against her.

Meanwhile, it has emerged that the monumental lies that Adwoa Safo has been telling constituents are untruths that are being churned under duress from a boogey situation in her own party.

The outlandish claim that she lobbied for funds for the Kwabenya SHS school project was induced by fear of losing the Dome Kwabenya Parliamentary ticket of the ruling NPP  in 2020 to an NPP stalwart who is lacing his boots to snatch the Parliamentary ticket from her.

Mike Oquaye Jr. Ghana’s High Commisioner to India, is Adwoa Safo’s boogeyman in NPP Parliamentary politics in Dome Kwabenya, sources say.

It is rife in town that the Junior Oquaye, whose father and current Speaker of Parliament, Rt. Hon Prof. Aaron Mike Oquaye, had been MP for that constituency for a long time, is aiming to assume the Dome Kwabenya ticket for the 2020 election.

A far more affable and eloquent lawyer, Mike Oquaye, Jr., would easily elbow out Sarah Adwoa Safo, whose only claim to fame in politics is that she is the daughter of Apostle Kwadwo Safo, a respected public figure.

Sources from the constituency also say, in addition to Mike Oquaye, Jr’s towering personality in the NPP, Adwoa Safo’s own un-resourcefulness and incompetence is a disadvantage that would play to the advantage of Mike Oquaye, Jr.

The incumbent MP, according to information, was thrown into a panic attack when she realized that Mike Oquaye, Jr., is lacing his boots to contest for the Dome Kwabenya ticket.

It was in an attempt at a proactive response to the possible threat from Mike Oquaye Jr. that she organized her constituents at the Kwabenya SHS to bamboozle them with a supposed Midas touch.

The monumental lie about her supposed lobbying to have the school built was deliberately told to impress the constituents, most of whom were ignoramuses, into a mental readiness to reject Mike Oquaye, Jr., in future.

Ms. Safo had not planned for the lie to come out into the public domain, but had carefully planned for it to impact on the impressionable and gullible constituents. Luck was however not on her side as in the current smart phone age, somebody was bound to disregard an order to turn off phones during the conversation.

The consequent scandal that has exploded from the lie has since left the MP’s reputation in tatters, turning her into a by-word that would make Mike Oquaye Jr’s quest to replace her on the NPP ticket, a cakewalk.

Sources say the junior Oquaye will surely contest for the NPP’s Dome Kwabenya Parliamentary ticket for the 2020 election.

As part of a silent campaign, Mike Oquaye Jr’s reps in the constituency are said to be hammering on Adwoa Safo’s incompetence and utter lack of resourcefulness as MP for two terms.

Adwoa Safo, who is also the Deputy Majority Leader in Parliament, is also seen as rather given to trivia as the woman writes her name on even polytanks that she donates in the constituency.

It was, according to sources, in response to the looming political raid from Mike Oquaye, Jr., that she organized the meeting with some constituents to claim she is the one behind infrastructure that the previous administration had built in the constituency.

According to her, she lobbied the World Bank Group for funding to put up the Kwabenya SHS block, even though every Ghanaian knows that it was the previous Mahama administration which had put up that school block.

The World Bank has since denied giving her the funds to build the school block, while the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission (GAEC) from whom Ms Safo claimed to have bought the land for the school block has categorically denied selling land to her.


Source: Adotey

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