Admit your 16 Months of Incompetence and Abject Failure —Bole MP tells NPP

Hon Yusif, MP Bole

Hon Sulemana Yusif, Member of Parliament(MP) for Bole-Bamboi Constituency has said, It was time for Ghanaians, especially members of the ruling New Patriotic Party(NPP ) to admit that, electing Nana Akufo Addo into office as president was a big national blunder.

According to the Bole lawmaker, in the midst of national economic crisis, army worms destroying farms and the psychological trauma visited on poor innocent students under the banner of Free Senior High School, the President has been comatose and made himself the sole administrator of Ghana, a role not envisaged by the Constitution.

Speaking to THE REPUBLIC on the assessment of the government performance in his Constituency when parliament was on recess, Hon Yusif said, it is now abundantly clear that, Nana Akufo Addo, obtained votes from Ghanaians during the 2016 general election by false pretences.

He said, contrary to the President and his party, NPP, highfalutin campaign promises, the President has not stabilised the price of fuel nor made electricity cheaper than rent.
Instead, he said the government of the NPP has rather made living condition worst than ever and that the Cedi has fallen drastically from GHS3.20 to GHS4.80, and there is no indications at the exchange rate points of any hope in the near future.

Mr Yusif a Deputy Ranking Member of Poverty Reduction Strategy Committee of Parliament noted that, the NPP did not used their failed Presidential Special Initiative on Cassava and Garment experience under ex-President John Kufour to guide them on the One-District-One Factory policy.

On the contrary, he said the daily U-turn position on the feasibility of the 1D1F has become far more deadly, with over several different statements on when the factories would come to fruition after 16 months in government.

He stated that, as at the time he visited his constituency during the parliament recess, nothing has been in his district to indicate of any form of factory, only to add that, he was called for a meeting at the regional capital Tamale to deliberate on the policy, which in his view was a bureaucratic process and needless decision.

“I spent a number of weeks in the constituency and visited many communities and the story on this government is frightening and depressing, nothing is happening underground. No where has it been stated or mention of sitting of a factory,”he said.

The straight talking Legislator said, the promises of free Senior High School with free hot meals for school-children, allowances for nurses and teacher trainees, jobs for the Youth and $1 million per constituency per year, a Dam in each village in the three regions of the North, have all turned out to be poppycock.

Hon Yusif said the reality on the ground is contrary to the funny picture been painted by the government, that Ghana is witnessing bumper harvest as a result of the Planting for Food and Jobs program, stating, ” If indeed there was bumper harvest why then the shortage of Maize in the markets, poultry farmers not getting poultry feeds, while some farmers still crying over army-worms destroying their crops?”

He said, many farmers have run into debts to their banks as a result of the fall army worms and that the worst of it all, was the recently launched Cashew Plantation Program where rotten seeds of cashew are been supplied to farmers.

The MP said, in years as a politicians and a public policy analyst, he has never seen a government anywhere spend its vital first two years doing absolutely nothing like the NPP, nothing, “it is obvious Ghanaians are getting disappointed and the President and his appointees must admit their supper incompetence and total failure.

The Bole-Bamboi MP said, the improvement of the socio-economic factors and projects been commissioned are noticeable legacies of the John Mahama NDC administration and that it is the height of deception that the do-nothing Akufo Addo government being trying to take credit for.

He stressed that, the improvement and stability in power supply are the result of the efforts made by the Mahama administration and Ghanaians would not allow bogus attempts to attribute them to Akufo Addo government.

“If we are now celebrating the end of dumsor and talking of economic take off, it has nothing to do with Akufo Addo. If we are indeed well on our way to self-sufficiency in power production, it is because of the positive policies of John Mahama led government and not because of the inactive policies of Nana Akufo Addo. In 16 months, the Akufo Addo administration has added nothing to past the power stability achievements,” Mr Yusif stated.

The NDC MP said, instead of providing effective leadership, Akufo Addo has opted for a media blackmail campaign of calumny against the Mahama led NDC administration and former appointees.

He said, Day-in day-out, Ghanaians who voted for NPP to better their lives are regaled with outrageous declarations without substantiation about how bad the previous government was, and by how much it ran down the economy.

He stated that with high level of poor leadership exhibited so far, “Only the gullible would fail to realize this is just a pathetic attempt to divert attention from the supper incompetence of the Nana Addo government.

Nana Akufo Addo administration, he said is shaping out to be the most incompetent and inconsequential in the history of Ghana, for the government is full of sound and fury signifying nothing, adding that, after the 16 months in power, it should now be abundantly clear to Ghanaians that, Nana Addo, is not qualified to be president of 21st century Ghana, for the president has neither agenda nor direction.

He noted that it was time for NPP themselves to admit their incompetence and failure and that, electing Nana Akufo Addo, as president was a big national blunder.

Sources:the republic news Engsalige Nyaaba

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