Adaklu MP demands District Police Command

…As residents live in fear        

Residents in the Adaklu District that make up one of the developing areas in the Volta Region are living in fear of attacks by criminals, as three separate murder cases remain uncovered by the security agencies.

At least, three people have been reportedly killed and several others constantly harassed by criminals, as well as Fulani herdsmen, on the farms both day and night.

The Adaklu District has only a single police station to manage over 70 individual communities with 32,000 population, according to the 2010 Population and Housing Census.

The unavailability of police stations in most parts of the district has undoubtedly forced victims of attacks by criminal gangs, especially armed robbers, to travel miles to Ho, the Volta Regional capital, to lodge complaints.

Hon. Kwame Governs Agbodza, Member of Parliament (MP) for the Adaklu Constituency, revealed this to The Republic after he had asked the Minister for the Interior a question on the security situation in the area on the floor of Parliament yesterday.

“Mr. Speaker, I want to ask the Minister for the Interior what plans are in place to establish a full District Police Station at Adaklu? He stated on the floor of parliament.

In response, the Minister for the Interior, Ambrose Dery, said the current Police Administration is embarking on a transformation agenda which will include upgrading a number of police stations in the country to district level and the Adaklu police station is one of the stations to be considered.

According to the minister, “the upgrading of the Adaklu police station to a district level would ultimately enhance the fight against crime in the Volta Region.”

Mr. Dery noted that, it has been the desire of the Police Administration and, for that matter, the government to provide security for every citizen and all residents in Ghana irrespective of where they live in the country.

The Interior Minister said creating a police district in a community required certain considerations, including geographical distance from nearest police district, availability of both office and residential accommodation for personnel, population of the district and the crime rate and its pattern.

He said security is a collective responsibility between the security agencies and the citizenry, especially policy makers and lawmakers, like parliamentarians, to get on board to contribute to the development of security installations in the country.

“Mr. Speaker, since the issue for security is a national concern, we wish to encourage Members of Parliament and the citizenry at large to assist the Police Administration in the refurbishment of police stations in their areas that need upgrading, as well as providing residential accommodation for police personnel posted when upgraded,” Mr. Dery stated.

He added that with such supports from the citizens, districts like that of Adaklu could benefit to enable its upgrading to district police station status.

The sector minister told the Parliamentary press corps that, plans are advanced to transform the Ghana Police Service with latest technology and reforms which would motivate and encourage the service personnel to offer their best for the nation.

He said, in addition to that, over 8,000 police personnel would be recruited this year to augment the strength of the general police service to reduce the fear syndrome in the wake of wanton lawlessness and formation of vigilante groups in the country.

But in reaction to the minister’s response, Hon Agbodza told The Republic he was not convinced by the answers from the minister,  on the grounds that, Adaklu had met all the criteria provided by the Police Administration and the Ministry for the  Interior, yet the only police station in the district has not been upgraded.

In his considered opinion, the minister should have given a definite answer as to whether the Adaklu police station would be upgraded or not, saying but to give a general answer was not the best and that he wants the minister and the Police Administration to act urgently as upgrading the police station to the district level would help in many ways to stem crime in the area.

“I will say that I am not satisfied with the answers provided by the Minister for the Interior. He was so evasive in his answers. He did not a give definite answer to the question as to when or what plans are put in place to establish the district police station,” Mr. Agbodza said.

The Adaklu MP said, the security situation in the district is very porous , as there are no other police stations or posts in the over 70 communities, adding that the situation has compelled residents to cross over to other districts to report cases or seek redress through the law.

The residents, he said, have endured the fear of insecurity over the years and what made their matter worst was that, the police personnel present are also not enough to patrol the entire district, especially communities susceptible to crime and other related issues due to the presence of Fulani herdsmen in the communities.

He also expressed worry over the absence of Fire Service stations in the district in event of fire breakouts and called on the Minister for the Interior to act swiftly, stating that the district police station is ready to be elevated to the district police command level.

While urging the government to expedite action in upgrading the police station to a district status, Mr. Agbodza also asked the residents to work closely with police and other law enforcement agencies to root out criminal activities in the area.

He also stated the view that, if the police station is upgraded to a district status, the number of police posts and personnel would be increased to help stem crime in the district.


Source: Felix Engsalige Nyaaba

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