Account properly for the land sales

– Nkutunse Mantsἐ Charges

Nii Jᴐᴐmᴐ Adjabeng Kwaku I, Nkutunse Jᴐᴐmᴐman Mantsἐ, has charged all the Ga chiefs and their elders in the Greater Accra Region to be transparent and accountable to their people on the proceeds from the sale of lands in their custody.

He said chiefs and their elders appear they do not fear God, the ancestors, and never thought the forces behind the Homowo celebration could harm them and so they dissipate the proceeds they get from the sale of family or stool lands under them.

“There are many out there, especially some family members, who are in need and could benefit from the proceeds from the sale of these lands,” he lamented.

Nkutunse Jᴐᴐmᴐman Mantsἐ thinks development of a community partly depends on the chiefs and the people, before government comes in to do what are beyond the chiefs.

For this reason, he appeals with the Ga chiefs and their elders to make transparency and accountability their hallmark, so they could carry out some little developments in their various areas.

According to him, the Nkutunse Jᴐᴐmᴐman was bought from the people of Aburi by his great-grand mother, Christiana Kokoi Ama, from Osu Amantre, for farming.

“The grandfather and the father and uncles continued with the farming for years. Today, it has been handed down to them and their children to manage the land profitably,” Nii Jᴐᴐmᴐ Adjabeng Kwaku I said.

In view of this, they are practising monarchy type of chiefdom at Jᴐᴐmᴐman. Queen-mother position, and other chieftaincy installations, such as Otofo-Atsἐ (Chief-in-charge of finance); Obonu-Atsἐ (chief-in-charge of drums/drumming); Asafo-Atsἐ (youth chief); Nor-ya Mantsἐ (development chief) among others, are positions that their children will inherit in the future.

Nii Jᴐᴐmᴐman urged these occupants of these positions to be cautious and carry themselves well so as to command respect wherever they find themselves for sake of dignity.

He further hinted that since they have been installed chiefs in the various capacities, they cannot go elsewhere looking for any other chieftaincy titles.

Chiefs who graced the Jᴐᴐmᴐman Homowo festival include Nii Korley II, Korleyman Mantsἐ; Nii Ayete Kwame I, Mankralo, Jᴐᴐmᴐman. Nii Twumasi Kofi I, Atoso-Atsἐ, Nkutunse Jᴐᴐmᴐman and Nii Yeboah Shady I.

Others were Nana Bediako III,  Akwamu Akwabrim; Nana Henemaa Opemboa Dade I, New Abrim, AdadeKrom; Nana Abena Ansah Sasraku I, Akwamu Ankobea Henemaa, Larte Kumasi amongst many others chieftaincy title holders.

Some Aburi youth and people from all walks of life thronged the palace to partake in the Homowo festival, some for their first time.

On her part, Nkutunse Jᴐᴐmᴐman Manyeh (Queen Mother), Naa Jᴐᴐmᴐ Akua Dedea I, said she gets worried when she sees the youth roaming the streets without jobs for them to do.

She has managed to employ almost 50 youth in her company, Kaky’s Limited, located along the Amasaman-Nkutunse highway so as to help reduce unemployment situation in the area.

Also, she hinted that she has been giving out interest free soft-loans to those who want go into petty-trading, and, as well, tries to support those who want to learn vocations.

Naa Jᴐᴐmᴐman Akua Dedea I prayed for God’s help so she could support a huge number of the youth, especially the young ladies, who, in one reason or the other, are school dropouts, to be doing something to earn a living.




Source: Delali A. Awuyeh

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