Ablakwa To Raise 7000 US Deportees Issue In Parliament

Ahead of Parliament’s return from recess on the May 23, the National Democratic Congress Member of Parliament for North Tongu, Samuel Okudzeto-Ablakwa, has given indications that the Minority will summon Foreign Affairs Minister, Shirley Ayokor Botchwey, to Parliament upon return.

In a write-up, he indicates that his side of the august House would like to find out what the Foreign Affairs Ministry is doing about the impending deportation of some 7,000 Ghanaians from the United States of America.

The news about President Donald Trump’s intent to send back 7,000 Ghanaians living in the United States illegally has been viral for a long time, after it was reported by international media, including Nairobi-based CGTN.

The US Ambassador to Ghana, Robert Jackson, has since also confirmed the impending deportations, while in the Brong Ahafo Region a fortnight ago, arrogantly telling it to the faces of Ghanaians that the Americans are not sorry about the whole thing.

According to Mr. Jackson, the would-be deportees are in various stages of the deportation processes.

The last time some 100 Ghanaians were deported to Ghana from the US, they had arrived at the Kotoka International Airport in chains.

In a very emotive write-up by the North Tongu MP, Okudzeto Ablakwa underscores that the impending deportation is so bereft of diplomatic politesse, citing the arrogant posturing of Robert Jackson.

Underscoring that the deportation will be the largest in the history of Ghana, since the 1983 retaliatory deportation of some 1 million Ghanaians from Nigeria in response to the erstwhile Busia regime’s controversial Aliens Compliance Order, Mr. Ablakwa said it was unfortunate.

He cited available statistics to show that reasons being offered to justify the deportation, including alleged criminal behavior of aliens in America and the cause of unemployment, are untenable.

According to Mr. Ablakwa, research outcomes prove, for instance, that immigrants in Western countries, including America, are usually the victims of violent crimes rather than the perpetrators.

He also cited evidence that immigrants rather create jobs in Western countries than become liabilities there, pointing out a string of blue chip companies, including the globally renowned drug manufacturer, Pfizer, as a company that was founded by immigrants.

Among others, Pfizer is behind major medicinal breakthroughs, including Viagra and anti-retroviral medications.

Hon. Okudzeto Ablakwa posits that the bellicose posture of Western countries towards immigrants is a matter of interesting contradiction in history because the very people meting out inhuman treatments to immigrants in the US today, for instance, are descendants of immigrants who had forcibly taken over the countries which they occupy now from others.




Source: therepublicnewsonline.com / Fiifi Samuels

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