Abease Chief calls for dev’t projects

The chief of Abease in the Ga West Municipality in the Greater Accra Region, Nii Kotey Susubiribi I, has appealed to the government to come to the aid of their fast-growing town to get access to development projects, such as water, good roads, good schools and markets.

He said vast lands are available for any project that the government wants to embark on in the area, including the one district, one factory policy of government.

Nii Kotey Susubribi stated this at a press conference he held at Abease yesterday to set the record straight on the affairs of Abease and on how his opponents who he said have no locus to challenge him in anyway because they are strangers and do not have the town Abease at heart and they are also not concerned about the development of the town at heart.

He noted that Abease is inviting foreign investors to come to the town and sit down with him to get lands that they can invest into housing, business and other areas to create employment for the teeming unemployed youth who are looking for jobs but could not get something to do.

Nii Kotey averred that he had the opportunity to travel to America where he spent many years and upon his return his opponents took advantage of his absence to sell lands earmarked for development projects for the town in entirety for their selfish gains.

He organized the press conference to react to the Dzasetse of the town, Nii Okine Mensa I, who launched an attack on him that he is not a chief and that he is only using land guards to harass land owners at Abease to take their lands and resell them.

The chief has since denied those allegations and threw a challenge to his distracters to meet him on neutral grounds in the presence of the security officers to debate on the real owners of Abease lands and who is the rightful chief of Abease, where he said he will floor his opponents to the view of the whole world.

He said he is the only and rightful chief of Abease and no one else who is recognized by the Great Chiefs of Accra and Akwamu.

Nii Kotey averred that he has documents to prove that he is the chief of Abease and the custodian of the lands there, stressing that he has no boundary with anyone.

He showed all the documents to the press, including court judgments he had won regarding the Abease land and chieftaincy.

He said his great forebears fought hard to acquire the lands that he is now inheriting and will not allow any body to cheat him and his family on their birth right.





Source: therepublicnewsonline.com

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