…Sets tongues wagging as ‘Lesbos’ go gaga over new ‘team member’

Ms. Otiko Afisa Djaba, the Minister for Gender, Children and Social Protection, rides on a reputation as the enfant-terrible of the Akufo-Addo regime, with a mean-streak that includes telling the Appointments Committee of Parliament to the face that she will not apologize for insulting former President Mahama.

While Otiko is very famous for shooting off her mouth at people she does not share political ideology with, the main booster to her cult as the bad girl of the Akufo-Addo regime, however, is her outlandish hairstyle.

Her bizarre haircut, which initially was a culture shock in Ghana, is so prominent about her that she already has a blazed trail on the Google search engine – ‘Otiko Djaba hairstyle.’

As the culture shock wears off and she jostles into her portfolio at the Gender Ministry, however, The Gazette is finding out that the strange trimming that our minister carries about is more than just an eccentric headdress. That particular coiffure is a lesbian activism statement that is called the “asymmetrical undercut.”

Chloe, a popular activist and writer on gay culture, explains in an article at Afterellen.com that the “asymmetrical undercut” is worn by militant gay activists to convey a rebellious originality.

In a global village that is unfurling too slowly to gay culture, the “asymmetrical undercut” is sported by gay advocates as a confrontational trademark to shock away prudishness in societies with high rigidity to gay love.

The Gazette has also found out that as a nonconformist act of advocacy for homosexuality and lesbianism, the “asymmetrical undercut,” like other gay haircuts, such as the Mohawk, intentionally entails the shaving of the sides of the head in direct rebellion to a biblical admonition in Leviticus Chapter 19 Verse 27.

Leviticus 19:27 reads, “‘Do not cut the hair at the sides of your head or clip off the edges of your beard.”

According to the Bible, this is a Mosaic admonition to Christians that had been relayed from God Himself.

Chloe, the gay writer at Afterellen.com, explains that while the “asymmetrical undercut” is a bold identity for lesbians, it is not really in fashion nowadays and that the year in which it was really in vogue was 2008 when many lesbians and gay activists sported it to convey rebellious originality.

Since then, many other haircuts have come into fashion within the gay culture, including, the mullet, the Michael Pitt, and current avant-garde coiffure, The Bieber, named after American singer and teen heartthrob, Justin Bieber.

Even so many gay activists occasionally wear the “asymmetrical undercut,” with self-confessed bisexuals, pop singers Rihanna and Lady Gaga, having sported it in times past.

It is not known if Otiko Afisa Djaba is a lesbian activist, but the Gender Minister has been wearing the “asymmetrical undercut” for some time now, with the weird haircut being a popular trademark even during the days that the ruling New Patriotic Party was in opposition.

Interestingly, Ghana’s Gender Minister sports the lesbian haircut in her capacity as an actor of a regime which has not made its stance on gayism clearly known to Ghanaians.

In a country where strong religiosity is an integral part of the socio-cultural fabric, President Akufo-Addo has not been forthcoming about his stance on gayism.

Since his days in opposition, the public has pressured for his clear stance on the sexuality that is considered an abomination in Ghana, but the President has always managed to tiptoe round the topic with a mute strategy.

The predecessor NDC government had called the bluff of former UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, when Mr. Cameron tried to use aid as brinkmanship to force the NDC government to legalize gayism.

Recently, President Akufo-Addo’s disappearing act around the gay question was in full swing again, when a shocking revelation was made by the general secretary of the Christian Council, Rev.Dr. Kwabena Opuni-Frimpong.

According to Rev.Dr. Opuni-Frimpong, people from abroad providing aid to the Christian Council have all but made the acceptance of gayism conditionality for continued access to the aid.

He actually revealed that mouth-watering offers had been made to him as part of a proposition for him to help the gay movement in Ghana.

The President managed to avoid commentary in the public discourse that had arisen as a result of the revelation.

However, more recently, Sheikh Aremeyaw Shaibu, the spokesperson for the National Chief Imam, Sheikh Dr. Osmanu Nuhu Shaributu, threw a direct challenge to the President to state his stance on gayism in a radio interview with Accra- based Star fm.

The President has so far acted deaf mute to the challenge.



Source: therepublicnewsonline.com/ Fiifi Samuels

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