You Can’t Run the Economy on Promises – Akandoh tells Nana Addo

In what is described as a State of the Nation Address, National Democratic Congress(NDC) Member of Parliament for Juaboso, Hon Kwabena Mintah Akandoh has expressed a contrary stance on issues affecting Ghanaians across sectors, especially cocoa farmers and youth.

Critiquing the State of the Nation Address delivered by President Nana Akufo Addo on February 8, the former Deputy Minister for Lands and Natural Resources took a swipe at the government berating its attitude to the economy, issues relating to cocoa roads and agriculture, youth unemployment, among others.

He told THE REPUBLIC that, it was expected that the President use the SONA to tell Ghanaians what the government has done and is doing to alleviate poverty through job creations and fixing of the economy.

According to him, there are many disturbing issues but the President failed to use the opportunity to let Ghanaians know and understand what the government is doing and rather chose to engaged in political rhetorics of promises upon promise.

“The promises are enough, President should sit up and start implementing these promises, government should stop this all talk no action attitude and work to improve the lives of Ghanaians, we are no longer in campaign season,” he maintained.

Mr Akandoh said, since Nana Akufo Addo took over, there has not been any significant project undertaken and it was expected that the President use the occasion to share his vision, what he is doing to improve the economy.

He tasked the government to be truthful about the subject of job creation as it is on the back of job promises that they won the last election, nothing that, “Ghanaians are dying, the youth are roaming with no employment, farmers have no access to their farms due to bad nature of roads.”

The Minority MP continued, “the claim that the planting for food and jobs had employed 750,000 are not accurate. Registration of farmers does not constitute employment, distribution of fertilizer is not employment and so the President and his 110 Ministers should not deceive us, Ghanaians deserved better.”

“The President promise change and people are yet to see the change, and government must be truthful about jobs, how can you register farmers who have been farming for years to on a programme and say you have created jobs,” he jabs the government.

He argued that most of the cocoa roads that could open up farming communities to reduce post harvest loses have all been abandoned, work on those started by the previous government have been suspended yet the government claimed to be working and improving lives.

Mr Akandoh said, the government is unleashing serious hardship on Ghanaians as prices of goods are constantly being increased, the economy in terrible shape, yet the President and his economic team are not acting to fix it but still promising.”

“I was totally surprised that the President did not made mention of the fuel prices increase and what he is doing about it. For instance, when you go to market, prices of food stuff are always increasing, gari, rice and tomatoes have all increased beyond average Ghanaian pocket,” he lamented.

In his view, the President and his government continue with promises are comical efforts made to cover up the realities on the ground.

He also accused the NPP of crowing over their achievements when very little has been accomplished and much more has been left unattended to.“

They should listen to the people and stop playing their own tunes and dancing to them, they are blowing their own horns when in actual fact, they have done very little to improve the situation most Ghanaians are going through,” he added.

Mr. Akandoh further accused NPP of exhibiting two-facedness government, takes credit for feats when it favours them and blames the NDC for having left a mess when the situation doesn’t favour them.

“The NPP has double standards, when it is positive, they take credit, when it is negative, they claim they inherited it from the NDC”, he stated.

The young Legislator therefore admonished the President to desist making countless promises to Ghanaians and put to action the pledges he has already made and improve the lives of Ghanaians. Engsalige Nyaaba

The Republic News Online

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