57th Republic Anniversary: A Journey of Incompetence or Sub-Standard Contamination?


The primary focus and profit of power and authority is to change, improve, transform, and elevate lives. Every generation of leadership must be a ladder for the next generation to climb to a better and more successful height. The natural characteristics of power and governance is devoid of a tool for self aggrandizement and mediocrity. The success of a generation is bound to time and season and when leadership is oblivious of these, the succeeding future is derailed and disorganized.

Nevertheless, a generation, that is emotionally and unintelligently attached to their tribe, political parties and personalities to the point of sacrificing truth and justice, become secondary considerations and exploited as chattel slaves. And when a nation’s intellectuality is measured by petty sentimentalism and devoid of deep concepts and models for national construction, this is a liability to progressive societies.

An Off Spec Slop and Contaminated Mind-set

A cartel decided to make the easy money by stealing 5 million litres of the nation’s fuel under the guise of contamination. A thorough investigation and query of some previous staff of BOST are of the view that a 5 million contaminated fuel is rare and unlikely considering the standards that guides such facilities in Ghana and across the world.

However, this alleged theft and the way it is being handled is not the sad spectacle. It is rather the ‘Slop’ and contaminated mind-set of the Ghanaian that is worrying. A situation that demands a criminal, administrative and procedural query from all of us has assumed a partisan equalization. It is alarming to hear a prominent parliamentarian ranting that the BOST Managing Director cannot be touched because the said M.D has invested so much into the victory of Nana Akuffo Addo.

As the minority in parliament is calling for thorough investigation and interdiction of the BOST M.D, the majority in parliament also came out to threaten the minority to keep quiet. Why? Because they accused the minority that they also have been ‘thiefing’ the fuel since 2014 under H.E. John Mahama, and that the 5 million litres happened only once under the Nana Akuffo Addo’s government.

Sadly, the Ghanaian whose future and economic safety is being stolen has also joined this partisan chorus deliberately ‘symphonised’ by these alleged ‘stealers’ to confuse the dance of probity and accountability.

When you catch an alleged thief, is it not right to quickly punish him for the immediate crime on hand whiles investigating whether it is a criminal pattern? Why should we be forced to believe that because someone is alleged to ‘thief’ in the past so the present ‘thiefing’ should not be queried and punished? I am of the strong opinion that, the 5 million litres fuel recently sold is not contaminated hence operated on the blind side of the National Petroleum Authority, and if it is found out that the immediate past M.D. also engaged in the alleged criminal transactions, he should be made to face the rigours of the law.

Institutionalised Thuggery

In the 57 years of Ghana’s existence, 2017 has experienced and is experiencing the most scary and unprecedented institutionalized thuggery in our national governance. This thuggery were visited at tourist sites, national security offices, the courtrooms and worst of all, on the presidency with impunity. Some of these groups are now being used as parallel security services in some state functions which invariably has rendered the legalized security agencies impotent and helpless in curtailing this criminality.

Surprisingly, it is even argued by some so-called intellectual commentators that, to stop this legitimatized thuggery, the government should integrate these elements into the security services and the Ghana Armed Forces. Is this not tantamount to signing out your safety and security into the hands of hoodlums and permitting destruction of well grounded and disciplined state institutions? Should an illegitimate act of a person be visited on the peace of Ghana and create a fertile land for terrorism to thrive in Ghana?

Stopping Galamseying to Start The Galamsey

The media, realizing the aging destruction of the 57 year old mother Ghana this year, aggressively launched ‘Stop Galamasey’ programmes. This has forced the current administration to perfunctorily participate in the attempted clampdown. The Minister of Environment, Peter Amewu, who was dragged by the media frenzy to politically champion this course, faced several backlash from government appointees, chief civil servants, parliamentarians, pastors, imans, and ‘business persons’ who have all been deeply involved in the wanton destruction of our forest covers, and excessive pollution of our water bodies.

However, as the applause was reaching its high with the belief that galamsey will be a thing of the past, a 15 billion Dollar promise by the government of China to the Akuffo Addo led NPP government has also resulted in the promise of presenting Atiwa Forest naked for exploratory fondling and rape.

And to quickly shut out any intellectual discourse on its merit and dismerit on the economy, water bodies, climatic conditions, and future health of Ghanaians, Ibrahim Mahama, the brother of the former President, John Mahama, was accused of being sold 58 percentum of Ghana’s bauxite concession under a presidential fiat. This, as usual, is intended to divert the actual examination and analysis of the benefits and dangers associated with the possible investment.
It should also be noted that under the NDC government, Keta Lagoon, the only surviving and declared Ramsar site in Ghana has been sold to companies with devastating health and economic consequences to the affected communities and beyond.
Is it not sad that after 57 years, our collective political intelligence and maturity is reduced to political equalization so as to allow few to selfishly exploit Ghanaians and perpetuate large scale poverty?

The Gloom of Public Sector

In an attempt to win the 2016 elections, the NPP government promised to create jobs to its teeming supporters. It rather turned out to be ‘sack and replace’ rather than job creation. The public sector that require technocrats which require several years of working experience has been reduced to ‘yen tsen di’ institution. Any animal of employee who smells NDC must be transferred or dismissed, or must be hauled out of office by Invincible/Delta forces. He is considered a saboteur to the government and must be denied his economic right as a citizen. Eventually, the public sector will become a den of monstrous incompetent and corrupt practices that will cause the collapse of Ghana.

The Abaabase Syndrome

However, instead of deeply thinking of rescuing Ghana, a group of some Ghanaians think the answer lies in going abaabase. How can the abaabase, which has forced a change albeit not so appealing and was rejected, become a solution going forward? What Ghana needs now and in 2020 is a paradigm shift in our political reasoning and leadership. In inching forward to 60 years, the fundamental question that need to engage the minds of Ghanaians is, do we just need change of political parties and personalities at the polls or we should demand and pursue a paradigm shift?
Until the fundamental approach and our underlying factors of assumption to governance are addressed, the political and economic conducts of Ghana shall be consistently off specs.


If the followership of Ghana want to hold leaders accountable so as to drive this country to a competitive height of success and wealth for the majority, it will be required that our national discourse cannot be off specs, contaminated and substandard.
The continuous dependence on our diseased system to correct and fix itself even defies basic science and natural law. This nation requires an absolute paradigm shift in leadership of all spheres. And this calls for a leader who defied and trail blazed in his endeavour.
Ghana shall rise and work again.

Shalom and happy 57th Republic Anniversary.



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