Quran does not promise a virgin in heaven – Ibrahim Asante

An International trainer, peak performance strategist and preventive health specialist in the UK, Alhaj Dr. Ibrahim Asante has refuted claims that Muslims embark on suicide mission because its written in the Quran that if one does so he will be given a virgin in heaven to marry.

According to him it’s a force teaching adopted by some people in the form of religious politics just to tarnish the image of Islam. He added, killing people is not an Islamic practice hence the need for all to dissociate from Islam those who are involved in terror attacks.

‘’…when we say Islam, Islam means peace, peace and submission to the will of God. What peace then lies with killing your fellow human through suicide? It is written in the Quran that if a person kills a single soul its tantamount to killing all existing human beings but if you are able to save a single soul, it’s also akin to saving all existing human beings’’

He further opined that ‘’…it’s a false indoctrination that if you embarked on a suicide mission you would be given a virgin to marry in heaven. This is borne out of religious politics and not of God.’’

Dr. Alhaj Ibrahim Asante was speaking on the expectations of the 51stJalsaSalana; an annual convention of the Ahmadiya Muslim Mission in the United Kingdom.

He explained that it’s a convention which gives members of the Ahmadiya community from all walks of life the opportunity to meet their spiritual leader Mirza Masroor Ahmed, interact with him and as well renew their commitment to show love for all and hatred for none.
This year’s JalsaSalana is slated for 28, 29 and 30 July.



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