25 Years Of NDC: Any Media Space Created?


Hello Comrades, I write this short article not to spite the work of anyone but to consciously critique our media approach and to recommend the way forward; no prejudice, no malice intended!

Creating a media space for the NDC has become an age-old albatross on the neck of Leadership of the Party since 1992!

While I recognise the several attempts at finding our locus in that arena, I must confess the coordination was porous, disjointed and abysmal.

Here are reasons for my naive conclusion!

Prior to the exit of power by the NDC in 2000, a few radio stations were set up by pro-NPP faithful, even though they got their licenses under the NDC regime, the NDC government at the time made little or no conscious investment in the area…

From hindsight and unknown to the NDC, the political opponents of the NDC rather hatched a plan, knowing they could only win power by whipping up the emotions and sentiments of the populace, invested heavily in media outlets. Check the date of incorporation and commencement of the most vociferous anti-NDC radio stations and you will understand!

Not only were these anti-government media outlets set up to do the bidding of the opposition, there were subtle approaches that have worked. The NDC has still not woken up to that reality!

In fact, a cursory check of the background of most anti-DC show hosts were sponsored with state funds to study abroad in areas such a Communication and Media Management especially in the UK, when they assumed power!

Many of those opposition ally-media outlets chose a certain path! LANGUAGE! LANGUAGE!! LANGUAGE!!!

Language they say, ‘preserves culture’!

The choice of Akan/Twi as prime time language and or signature language of the stations only reinforced their agenda; speaking directly to their larger ‘constituents’!

Through consistency and excitement of their voter base, the NPP continue to leapfrog in votes, election after election!

In 1996, the NDC garnered 4,101,674 while the NPP struggled with 2,829,726

Fast forward 20 years on; in 2016 the NPP had 5,716,026 while the NDC struggled with 4,713,277. The NDC over the last 20 years per 2016 results only added a paltry 600,000 votes, while the NPP increased their votes same period by 2.9million.

The NDC however continues to establish a few stations in recent times, but fails to excite and speak to their constituents!

We kept ‘chasing’ the path that was charted by our opponents! Even when we exhibit extreme bravado, dexterity and command of their choice of language, we gain little or no votes!

Today, there are diehard ‘constituents’ of the NDC falling for the bait of our opponents and that gives cause for worry!

The campaign and poor results of elections 2016 is a warning! A warning that triggers a rethink of our approach in soul-winning; targeted soul-winning that is based on appealing to our core constituents!

We must not be seen chasing those media houses just to speak their language! They are already enjoying what one would refer to in marketing as “First mover advantage”!

While working for election 2016 on my own (without any official assignment), I observed a lot of misconception, misrepresentation of facts against the NDC, especially in Ashanti and Volta! Anyway, who do we blame? The opposition or our inability to decipher the issues based on a scientific approach to campaigning and or complacency?

I observed with bitterness and embarrassment how in Ashanti, key projects of the NDC were labelled NPP through the use of Twi/Akan language and how in the Volta Region, especially around the border zones, the same Ewe language was used to deceive and intimidate, with threats and warnings, the electorate not to come out and vote! The results of that is our poor showing in the elections! (No hesitation to conclude these are the only reasons)!

We must consciously create the space for other languages, such as Ewe, Ga, Frafra, Northern languages, etc., that speaks directly to our constituents!

How many Radio/Tv stations have their operational language as Ewe, Ga, etc., favorable to the NDC? Zero, or?

How many NDC communicators can communicate effectively in Ewe, Ga etc.? Here, let me pause to congratulate the move by the CEO, Comrade Egypt Kudoto of Volta 1 TV, for setting up the first ever TV station! My appeal however is not to follow suit, what is done on the other alien networks to us as a party!

Appreciate the Ewe language and let’s build a formidable media outlet for real dissemination of information and political battle!

Politics and media blackout is like taking a walk by the sea shore; your footprints are wiped out in no time when the tidal waves rage!

Yes, it is time to brave the odds!

It is about time to take those difficult but painful steps to institutionalize the existence of the great NDC!

It is time to make the NDC attractive to all

Let the reorganization begin; ADOPT A BRANCH!



Your interest; My Concern!

*Wonder MADILO*

Youth Activist; NDC

Former NUGS President


Source: therepublicnewsonline.com/ Wonder Madilo

The Republic News Online

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