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COVID-19: Time for Government to Invest In Health Sector-Adjei Mensah

With the widespread of the deadly Coronavirus sweeping lives across the globe,  the Member of Parliament for Wassa East, Hon Isaac Adjei Mensah, has called on the government to as a matter of priority, invest in the Health Sector, especially research into scientific medicine.

According to him, it was about time the government take  the outbreak of the deadly COVID-19 and ensure the country is well prepared to contain similar pandemic in the future.

The COVID-19 which first broke out in Wuhan China and spread out the world has claimed thousands of lives and dozens of infected people still in hospitals and other treatment centres.

Though the virus originated in China, Italy is the worse affected country across the world. The number of recorded deaths there recently overtook those in China.

Italy initial reported 651 coronavirus deaths and saw its toll for the past month reach 5,476, the highest in the world.

This, Hon Adjei Mensah, told THE REPUBLIC in parliament on Friday, March 20, 2020, Ghana must ensure we have a reboots health system by investing in the sector.


He said, more doctors and nurses, as well as paramedics, should be trained, while investment in medical research and other scientific taking seriously.

The Wassa East lawmaker said, the previous government under the leadership of John Mahama, invested much in the infrastructure and believed should the current government continue and completed some the projects, Ghana would have had a better health infrastructure.

He said the Coronavirus issue has come to expose the country poor health  system and that it was least expected Ghana would record even a single person, adding that, ” this virus issue has come to teach us a lesson. A lesson to invest in our health sector.”

At the moment he said, we must work to ensure we provide the necessary support to the Heath sector, adding, “government should see funds spent on the health system as an investment and not an expenditure.”

In his view, the issue of funding of the health sector has been a recurring one, because the sector has been largely left unfunded to depend on donors.

He said in the 2020 budget, other Ministries had a bigger chunk than the health which he noted, is making it difficult for the health sector to work without funds.

Mr Adjei Mensah  reiterated the need for government to invest in the health sector, arguing that, the government should see every pesewa they put in the health system as an investment.

Hon. Adjei Mensah

“I am sure once the government realises that any money put into health is a huge investment, the approach to it will change. There is the need to ensure that the health insurance scheme works so that many people can have access to medical care without the fear that they will pay from their pocket,” he added.

The lawmaker also used the opportunity to call on his constituents and Ghanaians at large to observed the WHO public protective measures against the Coronavirus.

Using methods ranging from simple hand-wiping with antiseptic liquid soaps, sanitizers, among others, Adjei -Mensah said remained the prevalent way for now to reduce the risk of transfer of the virus by touch.

He charged residents of the constituency to take note of public protective measures by washing their hands with soap for at least 20 seconds or use an alcohol-containing antiseptic solution.

Coronavirus patients died in China

Additionally, people are advised to keep a distance of approximately one meter from the interlocutors with signs of the disease and as well try not to touch their eyes, lips, and nose with their hands as the virus could penetrate through the mucous membranes.

Since the outbreak of the deadly Coronavirus, Ghana has recorded about 21 cases as at Saturday, March 21, 2020.

A number of possible reasons have been mooted why Italy has been badly affected by the highest number of deaths.

Some studies point to a large number of elderly people in the worst affected countries as the virus is especially dangerous for older people.

Currently, Italy has the oldest population in the world after Japan with some 23% of people there over the age of 65.


Source: therepublocnewsonline.com/Felix Nyaaba

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