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Outgoing ECOWAS Speaker to become activist after turner

Outgoing Speaker of the fourth Legislature of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), Mustapha Cisse Lo on Thursday 12th of December 2019 served notice to lawmakers that he would become an activist after office.

According to the outgoing Speaker, he would be criticizing things, and pointed out that he contributed put in place a President in Senegal for two terms but things have not changed.

“We need a paradigm shift, we need to make progress our youths are suffering they are unemployed, Nigeria you are the richest country in the sub-region and Africa many people are not eating to their fullest.

Ask the police how much they earn, we would face God’s judgment tomorrow and face God’s court of judgment where there would not be a lawyer?”
In an emotionally emphatic gesture, he touted his record as a Speaker who has not stolen from the Community Parliament, as others in his position would have stolen money, and I have been forthright about this.

“Frankly I am going to leave and I want to leave proud of myself in anybody known’s anything untoward about me, my stewardship let them say it and come out with documents, I have to say all these I am with a heavy heart if someone is working and making sacrifices for a nation they should be congratulated, so that their action can be consolidated”.

He further reveal that he is not in the business of “stealing” and urged all African leaders to emulate him I can “beat my chest I do not want to stay longer” to this he said on the floor of the House.
“I am clear in my mind President Buhari and Macky Sall cannot do anything against me, I have comply with directives and dictates with almighty Allah, it does not mean I do not need money, but I do not steal money”.

Again I was very tough at the National Parliament in Senegal and added that he went against his own party if he did not agree with Macky Sall on some issues, “I was straight forward about issues”.

He told the House, the fifth legislature should invite him he would come without they paying his ticket and added that he is agriculture expect, “I can help develop Africa with the kind of system I have put in place.

“My children are involve in agriculture production and do not have any government job, there is a journalist who said I got millions of public procurement, yet I am criticizing those in power this is not true, if I had obtained that it is through a legal means I am an economic operator I sale agriculture products”.

He explain that he sold goods to Burkina Faso and the government is owning me, millions and I am being criticize he pointed out that it is funny.

“I did not have a good night sleep I would want to see peace return to Burkina Faso and Guinea Bissau, Guineas election process is underway we would send people to monitor the democratic process system”.

He also advocated that there is the need to build a consensus to have a constitution that cannot be amended.

“I would get involve in other business at seventy (70) if you are not rich forget it, at my age sixty-five (65) I have five years to acquire some billions, I do not have money in my account meanwhile when people see me nicely dress, they think I have a lot of money”.

Source: Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/Abuja

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