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NUGS Members Disapproved New Constitution

The Central Committee Members (CCM) under the Governing Board of the National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) has disapproved the new constitution of the Union.

According to the committee members, the new executives whose legitimacy are been questioned have no such powers to promulgate the constitution.

The CC Members accused the Acting Co-Presidents of the NUGS, Tinkaro Osei Asare and Gombila of imposing a fake document on them to accept as the new constitution to run the students front with.

In a press briefing in Accra, Samuel Kofi Yeboah, one of the CC Members indicated the Co-Presidents of NUGS is imposing a document claimed to be an updated constitution on them which content is suspected to favour them (Co-Presidents).

He alleged NUGS Co-Presidents, Osei Asare and Gombila in a meeting presented the document, which one of them moved a motion and the other seconded to make the fake Constitution a binding document instead of allowing congress to approve.

Yeboah said CCM wrote to demand that they, Co-Presidents allow inputs from NEC into the document fot it to be presented at congress ahead election for approval but Osei Asare and Gombila refused.

He said the students front want document that would produce a NUGS President who could not be bullied, dictated to or kowtow to whims and caprices of politicians.

To this end, the CC Members cautioned that “if this time around the Co-Presidents failed to accept our demand for the right things to be done, our next move would be nasty”.

Yeboah indicated further that their current constitution could still be used for the electoral reforms to orgnise election to elect an acceptable NUGS President.

The CC Members also informed the NUGS Presidential aspirants to halt their nationwide campaign to reserve their little resources, energy and time until the matter is resolved.

Source: therepblicnewsonline.com/Delali Awuyeh


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