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Religious Leaders Silent On Corruption In Ghana Worrying- Retired Broadcaster

A Retired Broadcast Journalist and former Head of Radio news of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) Teye Kitcher has expressed surprise of the silence of religious leaders and moral society on the ills against the nation, especially corruption and injustice.

According to him, the continued silence by the religious leaders on national issues could lead to the loss of trust many Ghanaians have in them.

These Religious leaders, he added loss serving as moral guardians, therefore, if they continue to keep quiet over various allegations of corruption in the country currently, it would be disappointing and a worrying trend.

Teye Kitcher made these comments during an interview with THE REPUBLIC in Accra yesterday.

He said the silence of these religious leaders is a sharp contrary to how they were vociferous under the previous administration, saying they lose the moral high grounds they mounted some years ago against allegations of corruption in the country.
“I am expecting them to speak up loudly against allegations of corruption and emphasize the need for proper investigation of such allegations”.

“The fact that most of them are maintaining a rigid silence is most unfortunate and could give rise to the people tagging them as irresponsible”, the Retired Broadcaster stressed.

While challenging politicians to work hard to disprove the perception that they are in politics for money, Mr.Kitcher said anyone who puts himself up for public office must first have a servant mentality.

“If you doubt me, pick up a recorder and go to a bus stop and ask 10 people at random if the politicians are in office for the electorate or themselves and listen to what they will tell you”, he stated.

He said the perception could breed apathy in politics and make many genuine Ghanaians shy away from governance process, adding that, such tendency also endangered the country democratic development.


Source: therepublicnewsonline.com/Delali Awuyeh

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