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Withdraw “Satanic” CSE Policy—Minority Told Govt

Minority in parliament has backed calls for the immediate withdrawal of the controversial comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) programme.

According to the Minority, President Akufo-Addo’s posture suggests he is endorsing the LGBT community.

At a press conference in parliament Friday, Minority leader Haruna Iddrisu, pointed out that there is an agenda by government to promote homosexuality in Ghana.

The Tamale South lawmaker raised several issues and agreements between the Ghana government and international organizations such as UNFPA, UNESSCO and other international bodies over the introduction of CSE into Ghanaian schools.

“We wish to place on record that we are on all force with the leadership of moral society, Religious leaders, parents, civil society groups and members of the Ghanaian public in general who have voiced legitimate and justified revulsion over the introduction of the comprehensive sexuality education into the curriculum of the basic schools in Ghana.

“In page 7 of the State Of the Nation Address, in September 2019, in new standards I’m quoting the President “this curriculum will be ruled out from kindergarten to class 6 in primary schools”. So we didn’t know that it was sexuality curriculum he was talking about.

“It is more shocking that the President who carries himself as the law builder of the cathedral can engage in this incongruous behavior. In one breath he is promoting lesbianism and homosexuality,” he said.

He stressed: “At least, we know where the former president stands. We know the stand of President John Agyekum Kuffuor on this matter, we know the stand of Professor Mike Ocquaye on this matter and our leader and flagbearer president John Dramani Mahama as he then was, we know on this moral question and the moral standing.

“We know Professor JEA Mills of blessed memory, you all would recall vividly when this challenge was thrown, he demonstrated that he respected the sensibility of the Ghanaian people and would uphold the respect for those cultural values”.

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Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen of the press.

We welcome you to this Press Conference by the NDC Minority in Parliament and register our sincere gratitude for your continuous support in the professional discharge of your national duties.

The Minority in Parliament is outraged at the policy of the Akufo-Addo led Government to introduce Comprehensive Sexuality Education in our basic school curriculum and in our communities.

We wish to place on record that we are on all force with the leadership of moral society, parents, civil society groups and members of the general Ghanaian public who have voiced their revulsion over the introduction of CSE both in schools and at the community level in our various constituencies using NGO conduits.

The Minority condemns in the strongest terms possible the reckless and nation wrecking CSE agenda of the Akufo-Addo led Government which is an affront to our national values, cultural norms and religious beliefs.

The despicable conduct of the Akufo-Addo Administration in signing Ghana up as the lead nation in a group of six African countries which includes Eswatini (former Swaziland), Malawi, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe which are being described by UNESCO as Program Acceleration Countries is the most betrayal of the Ghanaian people in recent history.

It is most shocking that a President who carries himself outwardly as a pious builder of the Lord’s Cathedral for which he is pulling down many pre-existing structures including bungalows for Judges and the Passport Office will expose his duplicitous character by embarking on such a terrible assault on the morals of our children.

If the CSE is allowed to stand, the President can expect the current generation of children to grow and blasphemously turn his cathedral into a stinking brothel of sodomy
The move to introduce the CSE is desperately championed by the Lesbian, Gay, Biasexual and Trigender community (LGBT community), pay masters of the Nana Akufo-Addo NPP government
We will join well-meaning Ghanaians who respect and uphold our culture and religious values in high esteem to resist it.
More worrying is the age target

We in the Minority recall with pride and administration the conduct of all our former presidents (J J Rawlings, J. A Kufuor, J. E. A. Mills and J. D Mahama) in clearly standing up against this satanic foreign inspired and sponsored agenda in contradiction with the complicity and sell out of the country by NANA AKUFO-ADDO and his government. At least in this matter we know where the speaker Prof Mike stands, Mr President please where do you stand?

We also recall with disappoint and regret, President Nana Akuffo-Addo’s infamous ‘it is bound to happen” statement with respect to the LGBT activities on the global scene where he openly subtly lent support to this evil agenda, so are therefore surprised that his government is actively promoting CSE to anchor the thinking of our children on this LGBT agenda.

Minority kick against CSE

The hypocrisy of the President Nanan Akufo-Addo who unlike his colleague African Leaders has failed to take a firm and definitive bold position on the LGBTQI question and it is now crystal clear by his deeds and intentions.

We are deeply concern that at a time many countries are prioritizing the teaching of Math, Science, Coding, Artificial Intelligence and Climate Change; our Government’s focus is on Comprehensive Sexuality Education in the service of an evil LGBT agenda.

The Minority calls on the Akufo-Addo Administration to learn from his predecessor H.E. John Dramani Mahama who when engaging with Ghana’s international partners did so with the intention to obtain support for our home-grown agenda in education based on our national needs, cultural values and priorities as reflected by the:

1) $156million World Bank supported Secondary Education Improvement Project (SEIP) which was used to build 23 more Senior High Schools with staff flats, teachers’ bungalows, canteens; upgrading 125 low performing SHS under the Quality and Facilities upgrade component which aims to create more Grade A Schools and ease pressure on the pre-existing few; retrain Science and Mathematics teachers to improve outcomes; provide scholarships for 10,400 students with 6,400 being female beneficiaries;

2) $70,000,000.00 from the African Development Bank to address the crisis with Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) by launching the Development of Skills for Industry Project (DSIP) which is leading to the establishment of modern TVET Institutions in 10 regions across Ghana;

3) $80million for the Ghana Reading Action Plan (GRAP) from USAID under the Learning initiative which saw the distribution of over 4.2 million books targeting 2.8 million pupils from KG to lower primary to improve their reading capacity.

This is just to mention a few.

We note that all the above projects were declared active with substantial funds left in the accounts of the Ministry of Education at the time the NPP was taking over power on 7th January, 2017. This is the kind of example we expect the Akufo-Addo led Government to emulate.

The Minority has taken judicial notice of the pathetic attempt by the Minister of Education, Dr Mathew Opoku Prempeh at a press briefing on 1st October, 2019 to deny the Government’s complicity and active implementation of the CSE agenda.

This is the same Minister who recently accused President Mahama of busing thousands of Ghanaians to the Black Star Square during his self-induced inept SHS placement crisis.

The Minority wishes to draw the attention of the nation that we are aware and have proof of same that the Akufo-Addo Government has signed Ghana up to the Program Acceleration Countries (PAC) initiative involving six African countries for the implementation of Comprehensive Sexuality Education.
Why the denial?

Indeed this initiative is being funded by the Swedish Government which has so far committed $22million for the initiative. The Ghanaian Government has already assured her international partners that they will do everything politically possible to “overcome social resistance and operational constraints.”

The Minority is also aware that Government and the UNFPA have entered into an agreement for the UNFPA to provide CSE technical support to the Ghana Education Service.

Dr Mathew Opoku Prempreh, Minister for Education

Additionally, we are not unaware of the contract signed with a special CSE Project Implementation Officer operating from the UNESCO Ghana office.

The denial by the Minister is made naked by the fact that the Ghana Education Service under the supervision of the Girl-Child Unit organised a one week workshop at KNUST, Kumasi for Training of Trainers for the implementation of the CSE. This workshop was held from 26th to 30th August, 2019 and was addressed by the Deputy Director-General, Lawyer Boateng, on behalf of the Minister of Education.

Interestingly, the Minister for Education has quickly forgotten that in the 2019 Budget Statement presented to Parliament the Comprehensive Sexuality Education featured very prominently on page 86 under paragraph 369 as follows:
“Mr Speaker, the National Population Council (NPC) in consultation with other stakeholders developed on Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) for incorporation into the national education curriculum. The Council reviewed policies that improve structural barriers to condom use in Ghana as part of efforts to effectively implement the National Condom Strategy, (2016-2020) in line with SDG3.7”
Why the denial?

As a matter of fact, our international sources inform us that some western nations are so impressed with the lead role Ghana is currently playing as regards the CSE implementation that additional funding pledges have been made with Iceland being the latest country to commit.
1. Why the denial?

Ladies and Gentlemen, the conduct of the Minister of Education in this whole sordid affair is unbecoming of a Cabinet Minister of State. The Minister has now become an object of derision and ridicule by Ghanaians as his numerous contradictory and false statements. We cannot find him credible

The Minister’s own teachers have exposed him with page 11 of the Teacher Resource Pack for Primary 1 – 6 which shamefully contradicts the Minister’s assertions in his signed statement that there is no inclusion of CSE.

Contrary to claims by the Minister and GES that CSE is not in the just introduced new curriculum, which came into effect only last month, our check reveal that CSE is already indicated and prominently captured in the English Language Curriculum for Primary Schools (Basic 1-3).

Ladies and Gentlemen, for the avoidance of doubt, pages xx-xxi of the approved English Language Curriculum in use today says among other things that “Materials that focus on COMPREHENSIVE SEXUALITY EDUCATION. …are particularly recommended.” Again on the same pages under Primary 4-5, item 9 is designated CSE. Under Primary 6, item 1 in the curriculum is also assigned as CSE. So how can Government and GES say CSE is not in the current curriculum when it is indicated in English Language Curriculum for Primary Schools (Basic 1 – 3) pages xx-xxi?

Clearly, the capture of CSE in the English Language Curriculum for primary schools confirm the actualisation of a promise the Minister for Education made at the launch of a UNESCO CSE program called “Our right, our lives, Our future (O3). The now viral video footage dated February 2019 captures the Minister referring to guidelines and stating confidently that sexuality education should be part of the curricula to be launched in September 2019 “althly way from Kindergarten to Senior High School.”

The President of the Catholic Bishops Conference Most Rev. Philip Naameh has also called out the Minister for deliberately misleading them when he met religious leaders over this matter. Not even the presence and anointing of the revered men of God could cause a change in the Minister’s character.

Having carefully considered the embarrassing circumstances, the litany of falsehoods, the disrespect of the Ghanaian people, the naked insult of our intelligence and the shameless attempt to cover up, we find the government position and recent explanation inconsistent with the truth. With this we demand an unqualified apology from the Minister of Education and a retraction of the said denials.
The President, H.E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo who presided over Cabinet where this satanic CSE policy was approved owes Ghanaians an explanation and an unqualified apology at the very least.

The Minority in line with the thinking of J. D. Mahama the Flag bearer of the NDC, leaders of moral society, parents and most importantly for the sake of our Children demand an immediate withdrawal of CSE from the education curriculum and from our communities.

All funds collected in addition to manuals, guidelines, teacher resource packs and curriculum should be returned to the external promoters.

The Minority wishes to commend the heads of Ghana’s religious organizations for their righteous anger and for boldly leading the resistance against this obnoxious, satanic and destructive CSE policy.

Finally, we encourage all Ghanaians to remain vigilant, resolute and be determined to collectively resist this sinister and evil force on the prowl in our dear nation as the battle has not yet been won.

Thank you all for the attention.


Source: the republicnewsonline.com/Felix Nyaaba

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