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1D1F Dead Under Nana Addo Watch- Buem MP

Hon. Daniel Kwesi Ashiamah, Member of Parliament for Buem has downplayed the government flagship program, One District One Factory(1D1F), stating, “the program is completely dead under the watch of President Akufo Addo.”

According to him, asides that the government failed to deliver the promise to provide factories in every District, the government also do not have a blueprint on it’s for future reference.

He said the future of the 1D1F is bleak as there is no Business Policy Document covering it for successive government to continue.

Mr Ashiamah made this observation during an interview with THE REPUBLIC in Accra.

The Akufo Addo led New Patriotic Party (NPP), the government in 2016 promised to roll out an industrial program to unlock the yawning unemployment problem in the country.

But almost three years after launching the program, the government could not boost of any productive factory in any District, except those existing ones that sought government support to rebrand.

This, the Buem lawmaker who is a member on Communication Committee of Parliament said the policy has collapsed under the watch of President Akufo Addo.

He said the program was introduced without any business appraisal plan or template for public-private partnership (PPP) that focus on input and output as well as need services of the factories.

Alan Kyeremanten, trade and Industry Minister

The MP explained that under the normal business plan, the government should have had its own business template where the Ministry of Trade and Industry could use to evaluate the financial risk and social impact of each project proposal from the private partners.

He added that after the Ministry is satisfied with such then it considers the needs benefits as well as a cost-benefit analysis of the project.

He said the government is bound to fail because, the 1D1F implementation lacks project development plan, bidding process, brief facts and content approvals process, finalization review, financial negotiation and contract management.

Projects of such nature, he noted should have contracts management with monitoring and delivery, project variation and maintaining committee, while ensuring the integrity of the project to make the program more sustainable.

Mr Ashiamah believed the absence of a proper contract framework has rendered the 1D1F an impotent program, which could not stand the test of successive government and called on the government through the Ministry of Trade and Industry to put in a proper framework to save the situation.

The Buem MP said the absence of the project framework had cost the nation as several such initiatives by the previous government failed to adhere to the business plan

He said if care is not taken, some members of the current government would one-day face charges of coursing financial lost to the state due to bad implementation process.

In addition to that, he said when siting a factory, the government should take into account of how beneficial the final product would be to the local people and the catchment areas, especially, ” Will the price of the product be able to meet production cost and would it be affordable to the locals.?”

“When putting up a factory, you must consider if there is ready market, how needy are the products to be produced to the people? ”

“How accessible to the products site, thus in terms of roads, power and water? What will be the cost and will the local people be able to afford, will the producer be able to meet production cost?, all these must be assessed before you site a particular project, ” Mr Ashaimah said.

He reiterated the need for government to sit down and do proper analysis and ensure that the right thing is done for value for money.

Alan and President Nan Addo



Source: therepublicnewsonline.com/Felix Nyaaba

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