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Incorruptible Akufo Addo now Swims in Pool of corruption– Hon Mumuni

Following several allegations of corruption and attacks on police and civilians in the country, the Member of Parliament for Salaga North, Alhassan Mumuni has alleged President Nana Akufo Addo, the government now swims in the pool of corruption amidst of insecurity, a phenomenon worse than ever before.

According to him, the daily reports of corruption and it’s a related offence against appointees and family relations has made the President lost the moral rectitude to fight corruption is a direct beneficiary.

Hon Mumunin made the observation in an interview with THE REPUBLIC, on a wide range of national issues in Accra last Thursday, September 5, this year.

Despite Ghana’s huge resource endowment, the majority of its population wallow in abject poverty while unemployment and insecurity are growing. Its economic fortune has been dwindling due to a fall in the currency and the global price of crude oil. The result is that the country has been caught in-between affluence and affliction.

Against this background, many observers believed that a focused political leader is desperately needed to rescue Ghana from the depth of chronic corruption, insecurity, disorder and decadence.

This accounted for the goodwill that greeted the emergence of Nana Akufo Addo as the fifth democratically elected President of Ghana in December 2016. Nana Addo was seen as a leader with firm character, integrity and determination to turn Ghana around.
Akufo Addo himself promised to change the nation within 18 months and that corruption, insecurity and poor management of the national resources would be the thing of the past.
But the Salaga North lawmaker said almost three years in office, President Akufo Addo who declared war on corruption and set up the Office of SpecialProsecutor to fight corruption, now stacked in the mud of corruption.

Hon Mumuni had identified three major challenges facing the nation under President Akufo Addo as insecurity, poor economy, and corruption, noting that corruption was the most debilitating of all the ills.

“Nobody disputed the fact that they were the major problems of Ghana, and they (New Patriotic Party) campaigned on those planks. But as a government, today, President AkufoAddo and his NPP now swim in massive corruption.”.

“The economy is also down, therefore, yet nothing is being done or any effort to revive and diversify it, so that our people, particularly the youths, can get jobs. And the worst of them all is corruption,” the Salaga MP added.

Hon Mumuni

To this effect, he said the NPP government no longer has the moral right to accuse the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and using anti-graft agencies against only the opposition members.

He told the paper that, “If President Akufo Addo and the NPP are serious about fighting corruption and not just out to persecute NDC members, they should have begun with the probe into the numerous corruption issues, especially contracts signs with a procurement authority and with parliament approval.

Mr Mumuni challenged President Nana Akufo Addo to prove his fight against corruption, stating, “the government of NPP is so corrupt that there was no day passed without corruption and the One District one factory has metamorphosed to One -Day -One -Fraud” which vindicated the NDC and that is the true situation of our country.”

“They talk about corruption but their anti-corruption agencies are set only against the opposition. Meanwhile, the NPP government is swimming in corruption. How can a President who enjoys the company of looters and is never aware of the activities of corrupt people around him?,” the MP quizzed.

He further stated that Ghanaians have pulled off the facade of lies and propaganda of the Akufo Addo Presidency and NPP deception machinery and what they see now is the stark pretentiously sanctimonious Nana Akufo Addo Presidency.

Beyond corruption, the Salaga North MP who is the Deputy Ranking of Defence and Interior Committee of Parliament observed that hunger and poverty had skyrocketed and therefore, urged party leaders to speak out and save the country.

“Corruption, poverty, hunger is worse now than ever before. Who are they to challenge the NDC? They don’t have the moral right to challenge us because corruption is now worse than ever before.”

“Let them continue to engage in propaganda. Propaganda is not going to help. The facts will speak for itself. So, stop deceiving the people of Ghana. NPP government under President Nana Addo is more corrupt than ever before in the history of our nation. It’s worse now than ever,” Mr Mumuni stated.

President Akufo Addo

Fighting corruption, Mumunin said is a noble and courageous act in a country like Ghana where it has eaten deep into its fibre, adding that, the previous NDC government had shown the way by prosecuting its own members but that could not be said in the current NPP government.

He, however, called on the NDC members to remain united and work hard to return the party to power in 2020.

While praising the NDC members for the enthusiasm shown at the recent parliamentary primaries, the lawmaker charged them to go all out with door to door campaign to articulate the NDC and John Mahama vision to transform the country.

He said Presidency and his ruling NPP party have no plans on how to rescue Ghana from its economic malaise, pointing out that since they came into power in January 2017, they have gradually reneged for on all the promises they made.

Insecurity, he said is the greatest challenge facing the country since Nana Addo assumed office in January 2017, traditional security threats such as the violent attack on police and civilians, militancy, armed robbery and kidnapping have assumed worrisome dimensions in Ghana.

He noted that the failure of the political leadership to harness Ghana’s huge potential has created several security, economic and political challenges that have prevented the country from becoming strong, stable and prosperous.



Source: therepublicnewsonline.com/Felix Nyaaba

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