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Horoya Schools NPP Nat’l Nasara Coordinator

The Greater Accra Regional Zongo Caucus Coordinator of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Horoya Ismaila Ali, has outlined a number of policies the John Dramani Mahama led NDC government undertook for the people of Zongos.

According to Horoya, governing New Patriotic Party ( NPP ) made it their modus operandi not to credit former President John Mahama for his outstanding performance in the country.

Aziz Haruna-Futa, the NPP National Nasara Coordinator was reported to have stated that the NDC has done nothing for the Zongos but in the NPP first term, the Zongo development fund was created to cater for the people.
Aziz said, “never in our lives as Zango people had we heard the NDC in government mentioned or outlined a single policy or Programme for us, not even a scholarship”.

In educating him, Horoya said Mills/JM was the originator of Islamic teaching module under the Youth Employment Agency programme.

He explained that under the NDC administration, Islamic teachers were given opportunities to teach and receive monthly allowances.

He also said its the NDC that resumes the training of doctors in Cuba with apolitical stragetic selection of children from deprived communities and Zongos to return home and serve their people.

As part of his response, Horoya further reminded the NPP and Aziz Haruna-Futa that some of the recently graduated doctors from Cuba were from the Zongo communities – Mohammed Awal and Rafia Abalo amongst others from deprived communities in the country.

They commended the former President Mahama for his bold decision to ensure children from the deprived communities like Zongos have the opportunity to become doctors, Horoya hinted this portal.

Speaking to The Republic, Horoya blast Aziz for unable to remember the biggest achievement of the NDC across the Zongo/Muslim communities in the country including a statutory holiday to celebrate their Eid ul fitir and Eid adha.

“When then NDC government proposed the Islamic holidays, then opposition NPP and Nana Akufo-Addo strongly opposed it and strongly stated Ghanaian Muslims are aliens and they walked out of parliament in protest”, Horoya alleged.

Let the NPP and their National Nasara Coordinator led Aziz Haruna-Futa to be told that when it comes to people centered development the NPP and its leaders come no near the NDC and all its former leaders, posited Horoya Ali.

Source: therepublicnewsonline.co/Delali Awuyeh

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