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Don’t Trade Your Future With Mafia NPP Govt- -General Mosquito Urges Banda Residents

General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress(NDC), Johnson Aseidu Nketiah has called on the people of Banda Constituency in the Bono Region never to trade the development of the area for the deceptive policies of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP).

According to him, the ruling party is doing all kinds of evil things to sow a seed of confusing in the camp of NDC in Banda so they could take over the Parliamentary seat.
Mr Aseidu Nketiah, popularly known as General Mosquito made the call at a program to outdoor, Hon Ahmed Ibrahim, the incumbent MP who went unopposed as the party parliamentary candidate for 2020 general elections.

Hon Ahmed, First Deputy Minority Whip in parliament went unopposed after one Douglas Mensah stepped down for him upon advice by party elders.

Addressing delegates and party supporters at the Banda Ahenkro Market Square on Sunday, August 25, Mr Aseidu Nketia, warned the people of Banda never to succumb to the deceitful policies embarked upon by the governing party.

The NDC General Secretary noted that the Banda seat is the only seat currently held by NDC out of the 12 parliamentary seats of Bono region, hence the NPP moves to annexe the seat so they could build dominance in the region.

He questioned the NPP moral right to vie for the Banda parliamentary seat, saying, “when the then NDC government was creating the Banda District and the constituency, the NPP campaign vigorously against it. Today the NPP has appointed a DCE and now they are saying they want to also take the parliamentary seat from us, on what moral ground do they.?

He chided the NPP move, stating that, “they mean to take over the Banda seat even if it would cost them the defeat of president Akufo Addo in 2020.”

NDC Projects

Mr Aseidu Nketia said NDC has proven over the years to be the only political party that has brought development to the constituency and that the electorates would be trading their brighter future should they fall to the sweetheart promises of the Nana Akufo Addo government.

He enumerated developmental projects that NDC injected into Banda and surrounding communities and challenged the NPP to point out any development project they brought to Banda almost three years in power.

The NDC scribe mentioned projects that the party brought to Banda which includes the N12 Highway which formed part of Western corridor road and trans- ECOWAS Route.

The road which commenced under the NDC administration passed through Banda to Bole/Bamboi to Wa and to Burkina -Faso and also terminates to Takoradi through Gambia No.2 and Mim. When completed, it would decongest the traffic on the Techiman-Kumasi Highway and also bring more investors to the areas.

Mr.Aseidu Nketia noted that besides the completion of the Bui Dam project, the then NDC government also ensure farmers received their crop compensation, Housing unity for the Resettled communities, schools blocks, health facilities and other uncompleted projects that were to be used as a campus for the University of Renewable Energy.

In addition to that, the then Board of the Bui Project under his Chairmanship was also making an effort for the compensation for their farmlands, but all those efforts have been abandoned after NDC lost power.

He said if the NPP were mindful of bringing development to Banda, the government should ensure farmers receive compensation for their farmlands and also complete the abandoned road projects and other infrastructures.

Some of these projects, he said were under construction to shore up quality education and business opportunities for Banda people but have all been abandoned by the NPP government since 2017.

Mr Aseidu Nketia, however, reminded the people of Banda of the NPP promise of yearly US$1 million for each constituency and urged them to demand their fair share of the national cake.

He further urged the people to beware of NPP propaganda and never allow themselves to be hoodwinked by fake promises.

Bono NDC Chairman, K.N Marfo

Hon. Ahmed Elect Unopposed

Mr Aseidu Nketiah said, electing Hon Ahmed on consensus was the best form of democracy and that it is the absence of consensus that elections are always held to decide the ultimate winner.

He described Hon Ahmed as a selfless leader who cares for others more than himself, saying, he is someone who is ready to learn from seniors and impact the same to others.

He explained that it was through Ahmed hard diligent work in parliament that made him rose to become First Deputy Minority Whip and is the only MP of Bono region which in itself should be a pride to the people of Banda

He charged the NDC to close ranks and rally behind Ahmed and the NDC to rescue Ghanaians as the nation is now being ruled by few cliques of the mafia.

The NDC scribe mocked that, even though democracy is a government of the people, by the people and for the people, “the NPP under the leadership of President Nana Akufo Addo, has turned democracy to a government of the Mafia, by the Mafia and for the Mafia.”

Regional Chairman

Mr Kwadwo Nyamekye Marfo, Bono Regional Chairman of NDC said Ghanaians are crying for the return of NDC but that would be possible only if they remained united.

He charged the NDC in Banda to rally behind Ahmed to retain the lone seat in the region as the party is determined to reclaim many other seats including Wenchi, Tain, and Jamah North parliamentary seats.

Hon Ahmed

Speaking to his constituents after he was confirmed unopposed, Ahmed said, he would work hard to retain the seat and increase the presidential votes for total victory in 2020.
He promised to embark on an issues-based campaign to retain the seat and urged his supporters not to engage in name-calling and character assassination against a person(s) in the constituency.

While urging his people to defy all vile propaganda and fake promises by the NPP, the First Deputy added that, making Banda a toast of development remained his priority.
He also expressed his gratitude to the delegates and the constituents for the trust and confidence bestowed on him to go unopposed in the parliamentary primaries.

Hon.Ahmed Ibrahim addressing delegates


Some of the delegates and residents took turns to expressed their appreciation for the support and development Hon Ahmed brought to the constituency.

In some instance, some of the youth confessed that through the MP they been able to access good education and employment opportunity.


Aseidu Nketiah introduced Ahmed

Source: therepublicnewsonline.com/Felix Nyaaba

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