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Legon Hospital Pollutes Basic School With Nasty Sewage

Students of the University Staff Basic School at Legon, a suburb of Accra, are at the receiving end of a haunting smell after sewage from the Legon Hospital spilled into their compound.

A resultant overbearing stench after the Hospital’s sewer which routes through the school burst a month ago, has turned the air on campus into a cadaverous nightmare, constraining students to wear nose masks during school hours.

As part of the improvisation, classrooms directly exposed to the offensive stench have been abandoned.

Teachers who spoke to THE REPUBLIC said, they have complained to the Hospital that the over 950 pupils that they teach are in real danger of airborne diseases but the Hospital has been slow in responding to their concerns.

The sewer which carries medical liquid waste from the Hospital is said to have burst about a month ago and has since spilled into the school campus which caters to pupils from kindergarten to JHS.

In the course of the month, the Hospital has looked on while foul liquid waste swells around the school’s compound.

Administrators of the school who are said to have been frustrated by the Hospital’s nonchalance have been constrained to evacuate students from some of their classrooms, with JHS 2A and JHS 2B for instance being combined into one class in a makeshift arrangement.

The situation has compelled all students, from toddlers in kindergarten to juveniles in JHS, have been forced to wear nose masks on while in school.

Mr Victor Lee , a class teacher said the liquid leakage stream of raw sewage, with floating faeces and bits of toilet paper flowing down the compound of the school, stating that school children play hopscotch metres from the waste water unaware of the danger of waterborne diseases.

The sewage leaks from the Hospital has become a daily challenge for the school, as the waste has been flowing for more than a week.

Another teacher identified himself as Kwabena Opoku Asemsro said, they reported the incident to the University authorities but they did heed to their calls till media picked it up and the Estate Department rushed in and even threaten the school management.

He said they do not know what had cause the leakage but believed heavy pressure from the Hospital liquid waste, the sewage pipes clog up forcing the pipe burst and overflow into the school compound.

” This leak has happened for a week now. We call the University authority (Legon ) but they never mind us. It was after the media captured in the news and they that they rushed and put some concrete on it. It was very bad and the stench has taken over the whole school,.” Mr Lee said.

The teachers fear if the leakage isn’t contained, the they may close classes for the leak is not only threatening their health, but it is also destroying their dignity and they reported the to authorities yet nothing has been done.

“We are helpless here because we cannot leave the school like that, we have nowhere else to go. It’s unhealthy for for us the teachers, the children and for others in the area,” a teacher identified herself as Jemima Owusu said.

Some of the school children said the smell was unbearable when the sewage system leaks as the smell even goes into their classes .

Though the leakage was addressed, many of the teachers asked how long it would be before the issues resurfaced. Neither the school authority nor the GES are yet to comment on the matter
While a blockage is suspected to a cause for the leak, the teachers also believed an over aged infrastructure had to be replaced to avoid similar incidents.

Meanwhile the Minority members on the health committee of Parliament has served notice of visiting the scene to appraised themselves on the situation.

Source: therepublicnewsonline.com

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