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MPs recalled to Parliament Unproductive Venture—A.B. Fuseini

Minority Spokesperson on communication in parliament, Hon A.B. Fuseini has chided the decision of government through the Speaker of parliament to recall the 275 Members of Parliament (MPs) to consider pressings business as unproductive venture.

According to him, the recall was completely waste of precious time of MPs who were expected to be in their constituencies interacting the constituents and explaining some key national policies and laws taken in parliament.

Parliament was recalled to consider some government businness and bills including Company Bill, Vigilantism and Related offences Bill, Road Safety Authority Bill, among of others.

The Speaker of Parliament in a letter dated April 26, recalled Members of Parliament to return to the House on Monday April 29 till Friday, 3rd May 2019.

According to a notice from Parliament, the Speaker acted in accordance with order 42 (3) of the Standing orders of the House.

The Companies Bill, which is currently under consideration and the Vigilantism and Related Offences Bill are the key bills of the agenda. Some loans agreements as well as Resolutions are also on the table for consideration.

The MPs have been on holiday since April 12, 2019.

But the Ranking on Communication Committee and MP for Sagnarigu in the Northern A.B.Fuseini said, recalls are costly as the taxpayer would have to foot the bill of transporting all 275 MPs back to the capital, Accra.

He described as waste and unproductive, stating, ” I dont know whynwe are been recallled. It is a waste of tax payers money.”

” I am always of th pe view, this government is the most incompetent government. You recalled us to this Hous, we came and you have nothing. You just take a look at the Order paper or the business statement, there is nothing so serious that warrant us back here,” Hon A.B.Fusein blasted the government.

The House was not full as most MPs appeared to still be in their constituencies after the Easter holidays.

Source: therepublicnewsonline.com/Felix Nyaaba

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