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Ghanaians Press for Osarfo Marfo to Resign as Rockson Bukari

Ghanaians are pressing hard for Senior Minister, Yaw Osarfo Marfo, to follow suit of Rockson Ayine Bukari and resign over his comment on the Galamsey Queen, Aisha Huang, the Chinese lady who was discharged by the state from convictable posecution.

They felt Rockson Bukari, another Minister of State at the Presidency resignation following Upper East Region based investigative Journalist resignation purely exposed the ineptitude of the government.

For the concern Ghanians, Osarfo Marfo delay in resigning unlike Rockson Bukari, sought to renforce either arrogancy or lack of principle or both on his side.

Just like Rockon who has been caught on audio tape seeking to bribe Edward Adeti of Starrfm, over his investigate piece involving a High Court Judge in Bolgatana and Shaanix Mining Company, another Chinese Gold dealing entity, Osarfo Marfo was also caught on similar tape justifying why government decided to left Aisha off the hook on galamsey offence , where she was standing trial.

Government on Monday April 29, released a press statement revealing Rockson Bukari resigntion from Akufo Addo’s balooning government over the audio tape that went viral in the social media, indicting him as a candidate of corruption and bribery expert to cover up fleets of injustice.

Afte a failed attempt to water down the mind buggling expose, that he was only a middle peace broker in the entire chain of corruption, Rockon supposely tendered in a resignation to the President and asked for forgiveness to sin no more.

He alleged to have stated in his undisclosed resignation letter, he has wronged the state and the president per the content of the audio tape and therefore do not want to jorpadise the Akufo Addo’s government further.

A statement signed by the Director of Communication at the presidency, Mr Eugene Arhin on Monday, 29 April 2019, said the president accepted the former Upper East Regional Minister’s resignation after Mr Rockson Bukari submitted it on Monday because he had “taken note of the tape circulating in the media” and had, therefore, taken the decision to resign “in order not to allow the tape to disrupt the focus of government in delivering its mandate”.

Mr Bukari said to have stated in his letter that he resigned “as a matter of principle” having “exercised judgment contrary to what I have known you to stand for and require of your servants in running this country”.

While addressing a section of Ghanaians abroad, the Senior Minister, Yaw Osafo-Maafo was heard on both video and audio tape, giving reasons as to why the Akufo-Addo government discontinued the criminal trial of the infamous Chinese Galamsey Queen, Aisha Huang, who has been at the centre of many illegal mining activities in several parts of the country.

“we have a very good relationship with China. Today, the main company that is helping to develop the infrastructure system in Ghana is Sino hydro, a Chinese Company. With these kinds of arrangements, there are other things behind the scenes … putting that lady [Aisha Huang] in jail in Ghana is not going to solve your economic problems. It is not going to make you or me happy, that’s not important,” the Senior Minister response to a question posed to him.

Some polluted water bodies

But scores of Ghanaians who took the matter onto the social media, demanded that, Osarfo Marfo also do the honourable thing by resigning to save his little integrity left.

They believed the Senior Minister action is worse than Rockson Bukari, and demanded action by the government, with many claiming Osarfo Marfo continue stay in office is unacceptable and harmful for the country.

“It’s quite unacceptable that the senior minister leave the counryband go sit down somewhere or be fire by the president,”some Ghanaians commented on social media.
Some are asking, What is the Senior Minister trying to imply by saying that “we are wasting money and time in taking Aisha Huang(a.k.a Aisha 1), a Chinese Galamsey Operative to court”, knowing very well that she together with some others flouted the very laws regarding our lands and illegal mining activities?

Could it be said that he the Senior Minister is in disagreement with the objectives of the NPP government in fighting Galamsey? What actually is the reason behind Senior Minister Osafo Marfo’s defense of Aisha who had been tried and found culpable of all the charges leveled against her?

Was he part of the forces which prevented her from being punished in Ghana? Did he also facilitate her deportation in order to “kill” the case? People are asking a lot of questions. Some have even alleged that Hon Osafo Marfo is corrupt.

We must investigate his role in the Sino-Hydro Deal to ascertain whether or not he benefited from the deal. What caused his sudden u-turn to defend Aisha.

Osafo Marfo was sacked by President Kuffour because of some monies he collected from some Chinese. Precisely, he allegedly asked them to deposit $70,000 into his account.
He was caught red-handed through ministerial circles. Again when he was transferred to the Ministry of Youth, Sports, and Education he was caught for taking kickbacks for the renovation of Kumasi and Accra Sports Stadia together with others.

It therefore was surprising to lots of NPP stalwarts that Osafo Marfo had been given the post of a Senior Minister considering his corrupt practices.

His modus operandi is well known. He will never defend such an issue if his palms are not heavily greased. There should have been a straight termination of his appointment by the President.

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