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You Can’t Skew Ghana’s History to favours your Ancestors-Dr Apaak told Nana Addo

Deputy Ranking on Education Committee of Parliament, Dr Clement Apaak , has asked President Akufo-Addo, to desist from skewing the country’s history in favour of family and ancestors considerations.

In the last 23 months, Akufo Addo and his family members in his government have removed virtually every hurdle to create their own Ghana and ensuring that any conceivable future President or government would follow their instructions.

The president has created new holidays and removed those they think to demean their royal status Akufo Addo and his henchmen.

Just recently, the Ghana Education Services ( GES) has announced the changed of basic school curricular where a whole section of a primary five book is dedicated to the life of J.B Danquh and his role in Ghana politics, but non is said about other national heroes, especially Dr Kwame Nkrumah.

This however, Dr Apaak said, sent the message out loud and clear to Ghanaians that henceforth the President do not serve the constitution of the republic, but his traditional rules and principles.

He stated that, the current development in our education system sought to confirm the long held view of many Ghanaians that, President Akufo Addo, is doing everything to rewrite the History of Ghana in favour of his family and ancestors.

” The message is clear, why will you dedicate a whole chapter or section of our primary schools book for one particular man, whose contribution to the development of this country, in my view, is virtually unknown to say so. This is an attempt to rewrite the history of this country and we will resist it,” Dr Apaak told Journalists in parliament on Monday this week.

The Builsa South lawmaker said, behind the camouflage of this grandiose delusions and so far unfulfilled promises lies a single unswerving aim, that is to build a Danquah/Akufo Addo empire.

He opined that there have been hints of this in his speeches, but 23 months into Akufo Addo’s reign one does not need these pointers to understand the kind of Ghana that Akufo Addo and his family intend to build.

“These issues can no longer be ignored. Akufo Addo is leading Ghana into deadly peril. If he continues down this dangerous road, Ghana’s failure as a country is guaranteed,” the Deputy Ranking on Education Committee stated.

He further argued that, since Akufo Addo, took office in the past 23 months, he engaged in distorting the fact that Nkrumah is the founder of Ghana, by changing Founder’s Day to Funders Day and also Changed the Republic Day to Constitutional Day, pointing that, the president has established a regime of absolute terror based on the idea of zero tolerance for political dissent.

Dr Apaak said what marvels him most is the fact that, since Akufo Addo resumed office, our historians are quiet, our intellectuals have lost their voices, our churches including the various religious councils have stopped discussing political issues, while the few courageous ones who intermittently touch on these issues make sure they do so without offending the President and his party.

He warned that, should Ghanaians failed to act and resist these intolerant decisions, the next President (Government) after Akufo Addo would inherit huge challenges because of these divisive policies and decisions.

The MinorityMP pooh-pooh the President and his henchmen to rewrites Ghana’s history, stressing that, the danger is the damages these distortions and introduction of populists and politically induced policies would inflict on the economy and the pythons they would place in the path of the country.

He noted that, the NDC minority would use all legitimate means to resist the attempt to distort the country history to favour a particular family lineage, including courting public opinion, among others.

Source: therepublicnewsonline.com/Felix Nyaaba

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