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13 Communities in Lambussie to get electricity

Plans are said to be afoot to hook some thirteen communities in the Lambussie Constituency of Upper West Region, onto the national electricity grid before the end of 2019.

The residents are mainly farmers and grow mostly food crops, fishing and other cash crops. The biggest headache was that, more than 60 years after the construction of the Akosombo Dam, electricity poles had passed through their communities to neigbouring Burkina -Faso, but they are yet to enjoy electricity.

Until then, residents of these 13 communities would continue to depend largely on candles, lanterns and those who could afford have solar for night activities.

It is the expectation that after these communities are connected to the National electricity grid, their economic activities as well as education would get a boost as traders would have opportunity to transact business at night, while students get light to learn at night.

The communities include Hamile/Muoteng,m Chetu, Kuutawie, Kokoligu, Koro, Piina No. 1,m Kpare Baazu, Karni Danpuo, Chebogo, Bognuo, Gyerigan, Nyubule , Tapuma,mKonsi Dahile and Bu.

Mr William Owuraku Aidoo, Deputy Minister of Energy in charge of Power, disclosed this on the floor of Parliament last Thursday in Accra.

The Deputy Minister was responding to a question posed by the Member of Parliament MP) for Lambussie,Hon Edward Kaale-Ewola Dery.

Hon Edward Kaale-Ewola Dery

“Mr. Speaker, I rise to ask the Minister for Energy when the following communities will be connected to the National grid: (i) Hamile/Muoteng (ii) Chetu (iii) Kuutawie (iv) Kokoligu (v) Koro (vi) Piina No. 1 (vii) Kpare Baazu (viii) Karni Danpuo (ix) Chebogo (x) Bognuo (xi) Gyerigan (xii) Nyubule (xiii) Tapuma (xiv) Konsi Dahile (xv) Bu.,” Edward Dery asked.

In his answers the Deputy Minister said, works in these communities have delayed as a result of shortage of some High Tension and Low Tension materials such as poles, cables and conductors.

According to him, the Ministry is currently taking delivery of these materials and that the materials would be subsequently release to the contractors to complete their works.
Mr Aidoo indicated that, the Government estimation was that, without any unforeseen challenges, “works on the communities should be completed by the close of 2019.”
Giving details of the electrification projects in the communities, the Deputy Minister said, at Hamile Muoteng, the High Tension (HT) and Low Voltage (LV) networks have been completed, while a section of the network has been energized.

On the Chetu community, he said, High Tension and Low Voltage networks have been completed, transformers ready to be installed, while there is existing High Tension network and Low Voltage networks also completed with transformer installed at Kuntawie community.

Kokoligu Community, Mr Aidoo said, has High Tension and Low Voltage networks completed as the next phase of the works is transformer and accessories to be installed, while Koro community also have High Tension works are completed and low voltage pole undergoing planting.

For the Pina No.1 community, he said, “The Ministry has supplied and replaced LV substandard poles in the community. Substation works are completed but earthing tests have failed and need improvement.”

Kpare Baazu, the Deputy Minister said, High Tension and Low Tension works have been completed and the next phase of the works is transformer and customer service materials installation.

With regards to Karni Danpuo community, he explained that, High Tension works are complete and the next phase of the works is low voltage poles planting, while a Contractor is replacing substandard Low Voltage poles purchased by the Assembly with new ones supplied by the Ministry at Chebogo community, stating that, ” High Tension, Low Voltage and substation works have been completed and awaiting commissioning.”

Touching on Bognuo community, the Deputy Minister told parliament, 48no. High Tension poles have been planted and dressed. 100no. Low Voltage poles have also been planted and conductor stringing on-going, while the Ministry has also supplied and replaced LV substandard poles in the community Tapuma community.

He added that, Substation works are completed but earthing tests have failed and need improvement as 250no. energy meters have been installed but the community has not yet been commissioned because of the earthing improvement to be done at the substation.

GRIDCO workers at a Transformers substation

The Konsi Dahile community, the Deputy Minister said, High Tension, Low Tension and substation works have been completed, while the contractor is to correct defects on the substation works.

The Deputy Minister stated that, the Gyerigan and Nyubule communities do not form part of any of the on- going projects currently being executed by the Ministry of Energy, but would be considered in subsequent electrification projects.

He however assured the MP and the people of Lambussie, especially the communities mentioned would be connected to the national grid so they could enjoy electricity lights.

Source: therepublicnewsonline.com/Felix Nyaaba

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