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Fetish Priestess fined 5,000 cedis for slapping Nkosuohene

Nkosuohene , Nii Ahene Nonoo I

A Fetish Priestess based at Sowutuom in the Ga Central Municipality of the Greater Accra Region, Nana Agradaa has been fined 5,000 cedis after she was charged for slapping a development Chief, traditionally known as Nkosuohene.

Nana Agradaa, who is also owner of Thunder TV, was summoned to Sowutuom Mantse Palace for slapping Nii Ahene Nonoo I, privately known as Alexander Kwame Agyeman-Dua, on April 5, this year.

She was also fined a Sheep, a bottle of Castle Bridge liquor, Ahenfuo-sandal (Chief sandal), among others traditional items to pacify the Mantse throne for physically assaulting the development Chief in public

Both Nana Agradaa and the Nkosuohene, were summoned by the Sowutuom Mantse, Nii Osabu Akwei I, for a resolution to avoid law court prosecution as the offence was serious against the traditional authority.

At the Palace, Nana Agradaa who earlier on boosted she was fearless, admitted to the offense and apologized to the Mantse, Nkosuohene and his elders profusely for unlawfully slapping the Nkosuohene.

Nana Agradaa, Fetish priestess

Before the Mantse and his elders pronounce the sentence against Nana Agradaa, she kneeled down and begged for forgiveness, claiming was influenced by the Spirit to act contrary beyond her bounds and vowed she would never repeat such unhealthy attitude against the Nkosuohene or any other person in the traditional area.

The Sowutuom Mantse and the elders agreed to her apology and warned her to be of good behaviour, as the palace accepted her apology with fined.

Nana Agradaa who was accompanied by some of her staff was fined 5,000 for the assault which was a minor crime and could be compromised with no criminal charge filed.

After the fine, Nana Agradaa took photos together with the traditional council and left immediately to avoid interview with any available journalist at the Chief palace.

On his, Nii Ahene Nonoo, appreciated the Fetish Priestess to be a respected elder who agreed to apologise to him and the traditional council, but stated that the final decision rest with the Mantse and his elders.

However, the Youth of Sowutuom expressed their dissatisfaction with the decision and the fined, describing the 5,000 cedis fined as “a peanut” which do not served as deterrent.

They therefore threatened to stage a demonstration and petition to the Mantse to take final decision on the self acclaimed spiritual activities of Nana Aggradda and possibly ban her from operation such within the Sowutuom traditional area.

According to the youth, Nana Agradaa has no such authority to disgrace the Nkosuohene and the Mantse of Sowutuon and still be allow operate within the area.

They accused her of using her unknown gods powers to defraud unsuspecting Ghanaians and foreigners of their monies with the claims of unlocking fortunes for them and doubling their monies.

Nana Agradaa, said to have gone to the Nkosuohene business site at Zilex, and physically assaulted him and later took away his traditional sandal from his private car.
The information was that, the Nkosuohene called a meeting to solve an unending misunderstanding between some of the youth members of the community including workers of Nana Agradaa and the Asafoatse of Sowutuom.

Upon hearing that Nkosuohene, had called the Youth,including her workers whom are youth members under the supervision authority of Nkosuohene, Nana Agradaa got infuriated and stormed the business premise of the Nkosuohene and slapped him.

Source :therepublinewsonlline.com/Felix Nyaaba

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