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Dafeamekpor Mesmerizes South Dayi Assembly members with Achievements in 2yrs

Hon. Rockson-Nelson Etse Kwami Dafeamekpor, Member of Parliament for South Dayi constituency in the Volta Region, has mesmerized Assembly members and residents with laudable successes as legislator since assuming office in January 2017.

The MP,  has over the past two years spent his share of the MPs Common Fund on projects and programmes to improve the socio-economic conditions of the people in his constituency.

At an annual District Assembly meeting on Thursday April 4, Mr Dafeamekpor, outlined a number of achievements chalked  in the constituency and asked for more supports to deliver more to make South Dayi the envy of the nation.

“Since taking office as member of parliament in January2017, I have not relented in my efforts at ensuring that what is due us is given. Indeed, I have combined effectively, my parliamentary duties to ensuring the maximum welfare of you, my respected constituents.”

“Meeting with representatives of the various electoral areas, I see this as an opportunity to examine some very important sectors of our district development that are relevant to our forward match,” Hon Dafeamkpor told Assembly members.

He cited education, health, roads, agriculture, energy, housing, water and sanitation and security as some of the critical areas of which he made some interventions to improve living in the constituency.

Education, the MP said remained the key to unlock the constituency to developments for which reason he instituted several policies to transform the education sector and to compliment effort made by parents and teachers.

He said, within his two yeas in office he instituted extra classes, mathematical sets and special branded exercises books for pupil in the 22 Junior High Schools, especially to candidates in the Basic Education Certificate Examination candidates of both public and private schools.

ICT lab for students in South Dayi

Through his instrumentality , the MP said, an NGO known as Pencil of Promise to complete an abandoned classroom complex at Peki Dogbati and as well donated 50 computers to the Tongbor-Tsankpe Senior High School and as well provided a desk top computer to Sanga Basic school and also sponsored the production of ICT teaching and examination materials for teachers.

He added that, to improve the education infrastructure in the constituency, he liaised with Ghana Education Trust Fund ( GETFUND ), NGOs and others donor agencies to built and renovate several education facilities including the Library at. Tsiyinu, class room blocks at Sanga, Todome, Agodake and Tongbor-AbuiNo.2,while effort been done for government to pay the contractors of these projects.

To ensure every brilliant but needy child have access to education, MR Dafeamekpor said, within his two years as MP he had, “granted payment in excess of GHS180,000, as part of my Common Fund as scholarships and financial assistance to applicants,including teachers who teaches in District.

In the area of healthcare, Mr Dafeamkpor said, he procured large quantities of several medical equipments and supplies for most of the few health facilities in the district including the Peki Government Hospital, Dzake, Kpeve, Tsanakpe,mAbui Health Posts as well as Tsokpokofe CHPS Compound and Wegbe Health Centre.

Another consignment of medical supplies, he added has been procured for distribution to the rest of the health facilities including Duga, Tsiyinu, and further promised that, a number of motorbikes would be procure to facilitate health personnel reach out to remote communities especially Kpogbonikof CHPS Compound.
Touching on Roads Infrastructure, the South Dayi law maker said, despite the fact that,government has abandoned the Eastern Corridor road projects, effort is being made to have some noticeable roads totally 15.3km have been awarded for constructions.
He mentioned Kpeve and Kpeve Headwaters to Tsokpokope,3.5km, Tsatee and Tsibu, 4km, Dzakeand Anum 5km are been worked on.

Beside these major roads, some feeder roads leading to farming and fishing communities are been reshaped, and regraveled which includes,Bob Marley Road, 1911park road, LawyerTodzi road, Kaira toAbui No.1,No.2, to Ahor road, Duga Town roads, Tsanakpe toAgordake road, Tsanankpe to TongorNew Town roads and Tsanakpe to Fantekope roads.

Other feeder roads to be reshape includes Dzamani to Dzatkiti to Adzebui road, Dzake toAnum road, Agbate main road and Sanga-Tsiynu road, which are to help in easing transportation of goods and services, while the Dzamani lakeside also been cleared to create more space for boats and canoe owners to offload their goods.

Touching further on agriculture, water and sanitation, Mr Dafeamekpor said, through his effort, the impasses surrounding the premix fuel for fishermen at Tongor-Dzamani, especially the BoatOwners Association now have regular supply without difficulties, adding that, succeeded relocating the Chinese farm at Tongor-Tsanakpe and also wooed back an Indian company at Tongor-Abui to get back to operation having been shut down for years and also supplied fertilizer and farm implements to small scale farmers to help improve their production.

The MP could not end his success story without water to quench the assembly members taste and said, he has succeeded in expanding water to a number of communities, while effort ongoing to expand water pipes and also provided 10,000 liter mechanized boreholes to communities having difficult in accessing water.

On rural electrification, Mr Dafeamekpor said several communities were being connected to the national grid and mentioned towns such as Sodzikofe, Avetile, Tsae, Dzake, Blengo, Wodome, Kpalim, Duga, among others.

Hon Dafeamekpor at a program with constituents

He also mentioned that, over 500 metres have procured for residents without electricity metres and about 500 LED street lights as well as solar street light in every community to lighten the constituency.

Security he said is key and that he has sole funded and expansion of the Avetile police station to provide more spacious accommodation,while effort been done to procure incomplete building at Kpalime-Duga for a police station to serve the community and it’s environs.

While applauding the Assembly members for their support and coordinating on projects at their respective areas,the MP also assured that,he would ensure that an additional transport allowance and in-services training.

He added that as part of his social intervention policies, the youth have been put in identifiable groups,especially those operating OKADA business, stressing that he had procured reflector jackets for them so they could be visible at night .

“Honourable members, our districts still faced with some challenges in the areas I have enumerated, we have a duty to ensure we develop our roads, water, electricity, satiation, housing , with the sole aim of improving on the livelihoods of our people. I call on you to join hands in ensuring we move this district to the next level,” the elated MP stated.

He said, he is really proud of what he had within the two years accomplished for the constituents, saying, “I am not done yet. I ’ve got a lot more to do. But I need more help.”

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