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Fetish Priestess in Trouble for Slapping Sowutuom Nkosuohene

Nana Agradaa

Sowutuom based fetish Priestess, Nana Agradaa, who is noted for using unknown godly powers to defrauds unsuspecting Ghanaians, has fallen deep into hot water for allegedly slapping Nkosuohene, the development Chief of Sowutuom traditional area in the Ga Central Municipality of the Greater Accra Region.

According to information picked by THE REPUBLIC, Nana Agradaa, without any provocation slapped the Nkosuohene, Nii Ahene Nonoo I, known in private life as Alexander Kwame Agyeman-Dua.

Nana Agradaa who is also the owner of Thunder TV, said to have gone to the Nkosuohene business site at Zilex, and physically assaulted him and later took away his traditional sandal from his private car.

It is not clear what motivated the self acclaimed Spiritualist to have gone that far, but information gathered indicated that, the Nkosuohene called a meeting to solve a petty misunderstanding involving some youth members of the community including workers of Nana Agradaa and the Asafoatse of Sowutuom.

Upon hearing that the Nkosuohene had called her workers,who are youth members under the supervision authority of the Nkosuohene, Nana Aggradaa got infuriated and stormed the business premise of the Nkosuohene and slapped him.

Nkosuohe!e of Sowutuon, Nii Athens Nonoo I

When contacted , Nii Ahene Nonoo I, who is under the authority of the Sowutuom Mantse, Nii Osabu Akwei I, confirmed the incident and said as a development Chief and leader of the Youth body in the Sowutuom traditional area, it was his duty to first of all try to solve problems arising between the youth .

He said, it was out of that duty that, on FridayApril 5, he called a meeting between the Asafoatse and one of Nana Agradaa worker, known as Joe to solve a problem.

According to him, during the meeting he requested for some evidence on the issues that triggered the rancor between the two youth members so the matter could be resolved amicably.

Nkosuohene said, after the meeting with the two youth members, Nana Agradaa had information he had called the youths including some of his workers to solve a problem between them.
Nana Agradaa, he said drove to his Zilex business site and questioned him the authority he (Nkosuohene) have to call her staff for a meeting without her permission.

When she told that Nii Ahene Nonoo as Nkosuohene, has the power to summon the youth for meetings to solve any form of dispute between them and therefore do not need her approval, Nana Agradaa rebutted,” Nkosuohene my foot,” and went further to slap him.
Nkosuohen said, when he attempted to slap her back in defense, the youth restrained him and Nana Agradaa drove back to her Shrine,amidst threat of death if anybody within the Sowutuom dare her Powers.

” After we had the meting, I was at my business site with some workers of mine and all of a saw Nana Agradaa with her boys,drove and parked.she approached me and asked on what power do I have to summon her boys to my place for meeting. Who are I am, who do you think you are? ”

“But when I told her I am the Nkosuohene of Sowutuon it is within my role and authority to issues among our youth, she shout back and said, Nkosuohene my foot, she went further to slap me . In attempt to slap her back, the youth members and other people around restrained and begged that I should retaliate,” Mr Agyeman-Dua explained.

He further explained that when he later went to NanaAgradaa to enquire as to why she slapped him without any provocation, she again threatened to let her workers beat him (Nkosuohen) and went on to use her stick to hit his car and forcibly took away his traditional sandal in his car, claiming she has dethroned him.

He added that, the incident was reported to the Sowutuom District police command and during a pre-conference with police, Nana Agradaa asked the police to plea with him on her behalf for forgiveness.

Nkosuohene said, the police had also asked him to exercise restrain and not react in any manner that would bring chaos in the traditional area as the Commander vowed launch full investigation into the case.

Roadside Billboard of Nana Agradaa

An effort through calls to get the popular Ghanaian fetish priestess, Nana Agradaa, to hear her side of the story proved futile as she refused or failed to pick her calls.

It also gathered that, the Sowutuom Mantse, is angered upon receipt of information on the incident and had summoned Nana Agradaa, to appeared before his palace to explain to him the authority she got to dethrone a Development Chief in his traditional area.

The youth in Sowutuom, have pulled down all billboards of Nana Agradaa to teach her a lesson and also planned a demonstration to compel the Sowutuom Mantse and his elders to banish her from the area.

According to the youth, Nana Agradaa has no such authority to disgrace the Nkosuohn and the Mantse of Sowutuon.

They also accused her using her self acclaimed spiritual powers to defraud unsuspecting Ghanaians and foreigners with the claims of fortunes and tarnishing the name of the traditional area.

Source: therepublinewsonlline.com


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