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As eight Ewe Generals and other non-Akans suffer relegation

A strong current of demotions, transfers and forced retirements blowing through the top brass of the Ghana Armed Forces appears to be winnowing out only Generals of Ewe and other non-Akan ethnic extractions.

As many as eight Voltarian Generals have been relegated in a shake-up that sources say, vandalizes the sacrosanct chain-of-command in the army, What’sUp News has heard.

A casualty list that has been obtained includes Brig. Gen. Anthony Dzisi, former Defense Finance Controller and 26th Intake who has been forced to retire ahead of his due retirement date in May 2019.

Big. Gen. Dzisi has since been replaced by Col. Fiifi Amissah, who sources say is a well known activist of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Another Voltarian, Brig. Gen. Alor, who used to be the Support Commander has had his junior placed above him in a promotion that sources say, upsets the time-honored pecking order in the army.

In a wave of demoting transfers, 23rd Intake, Brig. Gen. Michael Akpatsu has been redeployed to Ghana’s Embassy as Defense Advisor, while Brig. Gen. John Sese, former Military Secretary, who has been moved to Ghana’s Mission in Pretoria, South Africa, as DA.

Brig. Gen. Koku who was in charge of Operations, has been moved to Ghana’s Mission in Germany as DA, Brig. Gen. Kosmos Alhassan, to Brazil also as DA, and Brig. Gen Dzamefe to Ghana’s Mission in Denmark as DA.

In other developments, Col. Akou, Adjei, a Two Star General who has been to the War College, has had a colleague Intake, Brig. Gen. Athour, who What’sUp News sources say is unqualified, promoted unmeritoriously, to par as a Two Star General.

Former Army Chief of Staff, Gen. Biec has been moved to the Military Academy, a move that is seen as a demotion.

The brow-raising demotions with ethnic edge have come in the wake of President Akufo-Addo, controversially promoting his brother-in-law, Gen. Oppong-Peprah, to the position of Chief of Staff. Oppong-Peprah has since also obtained a new status as a Two Star General conferred on him by his brother-in-law, while a square at the Army Headquarters has been named after him even though his many predecessors never got that immortalization privilege.

Before Gen. Oppong-Peprah’s meteoric rise to his new status in the army, he was the head of the Army’s Southern Command. Many see his promotion as a preparation for the ultimate job as Chief of Defense Staff (CDS) in the near future.

As the tribal overtones of the recent shake-ups stick out for many observers, it is being speculated that President Akufo-Addo is recalibrating the military’s top-brass as part of sinister motives towards the upcoming elections in 2020.

Source: the republic responsible.com/Stan Assor

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