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Latest Revelations, Lydia Seyram not Agyarko Wife

New information emerging from the corridors of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), has it that, Madam Lydia Seyram Alhassan, the Parliamentary Candidate for Ayawaso West Wuogon constituency is not the real wife of late Emmanuel Kyeremanten Agyarko.

According to sources closed to the NPP family, Lydia though alleged to have indicated in her parliamentary candidature forms that her spouse is late Agyarko, she willingly excluded the name in her campaign posters and bill boards littered around the constituency.

Again, she could not produce any form of documents to prove she was legally married to the late lawmaker before his demise after a short illness.

Information picked within Lydia campaign camp indicated that, the aspiring Legislator was only a concubine to the late MP and that her public claims of been Agyarko wife kept many of her own peers amused.

The sources revealed that, Lydia only came into the late MP life as a business acquaintance.

The amorous relationship between her and the late MP, the sources alleged, only became strong when Agyarko was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Food and Drugs Authority during former Prez Kuffour administration in the year 2001.

The Agyarko and Lydia subsequently registered a company and traded in importation of pharmaceuticals.

After sometimes Lydia pleaded with the late MP to assist her to have a child, for she could not be pregnant naturally.

Our sources explained, Lydia convinced the late Agyarko and he agreed they should go for IVF ( Test Tube Fertilisation).

The IVF went successful and Lydia had five babies, two delivered by herself and three through her cousin.

Lydia, our sources alleged, planted the other three eggs on her cousin at the blind sight of late Agyarko.

“This has led to Lydia claimed to be Agyarko wife, she is never married to him(MP), the family don’t know her. They know only the first wife and she remained the only true and proper wife. The rest are just impostors, they are just impersonating, ” the sources claimed.
“What many of us should be asking is, is Lydia a true wife to the late Hon MP, why is she not using the husband name and using her own Father name Alhassan, when and where did she got married to the MP, who were their witnesses,? the sources added.

Our sources stated that, it is a violation of Krobo Traditions and culture for a suppose widow to enter into public political election contest when the husband is not been buried.

The sources said, there are many questions for Lydia with regards to her relations with late Agyarko vis-a-vis, her appetite for political power to replace a man whom she claimed she love is still in mortuary.

“If she is indeed the wife of the late MP, she should have been at home and mourning her beloved husband, help the family to give him a dignified and befitting burial but not jumping in cars and be campaigning”

“So on whose track record in the constituency is she campaign on and will she has the prove to the electorates she was legally married to the late MP?, ” the sources asked rhetorically.

Source: the republic resilience.com/Felix Nyaaba

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