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The Electoral Commission of Ghana appears to have acted out of norm and gazetted the 2016 Presidential election results on the blindside of the various political parties which took part in the polls.

It has emerged that contrary to a state of expectancy by the parties, especially the National Democratic Congress (NDC), for the Presidential election results to be gazetted so issues could be raised, the EC actually did the gazetting years back.

The electoral body gazetted the Presidential polls with the Assembly Press without any of the parties knowing about it.

Mr. Bede Ziedeng, Acting Director of the Election Directorate of the NDC told journalists yesterday that the NDC only recently found out the gazette with the Assembly press when the party wrote to the EC demanding answers as to why two years into the completion of the 2016 polls, only the Parliamentary election results had been gazetted.

“The EC wrote back to us giving a technical response which is different from what has been done in the past. On the day of the declaration of the results the EC Chairperson summarized the results of various contestants and declared the summarized results. It is that result that she sent to Assembly Press for gazetting,” Bede Ziedeng said.

According to him, the results gazetted at the Assembly press was just the official summary and did not include the figures from polling stations and constituencies. “When we questioned this, they said we can only find that at EC (office). In terms of actual gazetting, the EC did not do it but gave us technical answer.”

The Acting Director of Elections did not indicate whether the NDC will challenge the EC over the irregular and sneaky gazetting of the 2016 Presidential polls or not.

For a long time, the opposition party had been waiting for the EC to gazette the 2016 Presidential election results which for some reason had remained un-gazetted in spite of the fact that the Parliamentary election results had long been gazetted.

The NDC’s Election Directorate had been waiting with baited breath for the gazetting because it said it had some disparity issues that it intended to raise with the EC. Per the Directorates collation, the NDC’s John Mahama had secured 4,806,857 votes as against, 4,771,188 that the EC had quoted for him.

In respect of the ruling NPP’s Nana Akufo-Addo, the NDC’s collation gave him 5,769,863 votes as against 5,755,758 votes that the EC had quoted for him.

These disparities, together with the fact that the EC’s data transmission systems had been hacked into during the 2016 election had had the NDC’s Election Directorate poised to take issues with the EC – a thing that can only happen after the results had been gazetted.

Apparently, the NDC had been waiting on the side of mockery because on the blindside of the party, the EC had gazetted the results at the Assembly Press.

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