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Unemployment in Ghana worsened under Akufo Addo – Garu MP

Member of Parliament for Garu Hon Albert Akuka Alalzuuga, has expressed doubt on the ability of the current government of President Akufo Addo to effectively fight the problems of unemployment and poverty in the country.

Contributing to the 2019 Budget statement on the floor of parliament, the Minority MP said that the Akufo Addo government has no idea how to improve Ghana’s economy and boasted that the former regime of the National Democratic Congress(NDC) created more jobs for Ghanaians than the current administration.

The Minister of Finance, Mr Ken Ofori-Atta, has stated that the government is working assiduously to translate the improvement in the macroeconomic fundamentals into the creation of jobs.

“We appreciate the concerns of the people that there are no jobs, but it will soon be over because we have worked hard to stabilise the economy and correct the macroeconomic imbalances to pave the way for better times ahead,” he said.

But Hon Alalzuuga, disagreed with the Finance Minister and said, judging from the reality among Ghanaians, the country economic growth remained unimpressive, as unemployment and poverty got worsened on each day.

The Garu lawmaker who is a Member on the Employment and Social Welfare Committee of parliament, said statistics from every credible organisation and even agencies of government showed that poverty and unemployment had worsened.

He further stated that the crisis in the unemployment sector had reached unprecedented levels under the Akufo Addo administration and it was therefore deceptive of the Minister for Finance to claimed that the New Patriotic Party (NPP) had effectively tackled unemployment.

The NDC MP argued that, unlike the NPP which introduced the Nation Builders Corp ( NaBCo ) as temporal jobs, the NDC put up infrastructure that gave sustainable employment to the Ghanaian youth.

He added that, NDC in 2015 and 2016 was able to employed 47,000 and 96,000 youth onto the Youth Employment Authority (YEA) respectively, as against the NPP that promised to employ 150,000 in 2017, but end up employed only 62,000, stressing that, the NDC infrastructure had laid foundation for sustainable jobs.

Again, the Garu lawmaker said, the one district one factory, the village one dam and the Planting for Foods and Jobs by the current government have failed to fruition, as there was no yet any factory or a dam in any part of his constituency nor the entire Upper East region.
In the view of the Minority MP, the NPP government has turned the Presidency into a lie manufacturing plant and have the penchant of lying to Ghanaians in every sector, contending that, poor Management of the economy has led to collapsing of banks, laying off works in the media and as well as shut down of industries.

Mr Alalzuuga said, he was expecting the budget to address the numerous economic challenges, but it did not offer anything new for the army of unemployed youth and poor people, nothing, “I expected the budget to give hope to Shea butter processors, Smock and Basket Weavers within the Upper East as part of the 1D1F policies.”

“This is not surprising because the previous budget statements have failed to protect the most vulnerable people of Ghana, the impoverished and unemployed,” he stated.

He said, just like unemployment, poverty remained a major development challenge across the country despite government claims of intervening with a raft of social programmes.

He noted that, while government continues to claim to have improved the quality of life for many citizens, the reality on the ground tells a different story and that it was the responsibility of the government to ensure that the economy keeps growing to provide more jobs.

Mr Akuka however expressed concern on the need for a budget that aspires to meet the needs of all of our citizens, not just those who are in the high earning notch but also for those who do not have a regular income.

He said, the reality on the ground had exposed Akufo Addo anti-corruption war for the sham that it was and subsequently urged the President to focus on improving the lives of Ghanaians rather than propaganda.

Source: the republic responsible.com

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