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Buhari is Collapsing Nigeria Economy–PDP Ghana chapter

Leadership of Ghana’s Chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), of Nigeria, have accused President Mohammadu Buhari, of collapsing the country economy with highly suffocated corrupt officers within his government.

At a press conference in Accra Thursday Morning November 8, addressed by its Ghana’s Chapter Chairman, Mr Oscar Ugoh, the PDP said the level of corruption under the All Progressives Congress (APC) administration was worst than PDP’s 16 years.

According to Mr Ugoh, the economy is being mismanaged resulting to businesses collapsing and unemployment among youth skyrocketing, forcing the energetic Nigeria who are willing to work to migrate to other countries including Ghana to settle for greener pasture.

He stated that the anti-graft war was weak under President Buhari’s administration and is recorded to be the worse ever in Nigeria political history.

“The fight against corruption touted by the APC administration has turned out to be a charade and a convenient political tool of repression, intimidation, harassment and witch hunt of political opponents. We are seeing our corruption fighting President romancing and dining with the most corrupt in our political history, while also unleashing his national security goons on opposition voices,” the Ghana PDP Chairman said.

He added that, the corruption Buhari accused the PDP of has actually worsened during his presidency as economic growth has slowed to snail’s pace, saying, “indeed the economy is on the verge of a full blown recession.”

He stressed that, Buhari has made many Nigerians lose their jobs, making the country to become one of the poorest countries in the world, stating, “The economy has shrunk by 50% in three years, the Naira has lost the fight against major international trading Currencies negatively affecting living standard in a nation faced with crumbling infrastructure while the provision of electricity which in the best of times was erratic is now not available most times.”

Mr Ugoh further alleged that, Nigeria has been hijacked by a cabal who are ruling the country with nepotism and cronyism, noting that, by the time APC is kicked out, Nigerians would know that the corruption in the system was worse.

While citing several indicators of economic mismanagement under Buhari, the PDP man called on Nigerians in Ghana to fully support the Party to regain political power during the 2019 election, emphasizing that, PDP is the only democratic political party that could make Nigeria to reclaim its lost glory and be economically nourished to be a blessing to its people.

Mr Ugoh urged PDP members and Nigerians who have interest in the nation development to rally behind PDP and it’s Presidential Candidate, Hon Atik Abubakar, to rescue Nigeria from economic recess.

Atik, the PDP leader said have what it take to make Nigeria economically independent, devoid of corruption and insecurity as against what Nigerians are currently witnessing under Buhari and his APC administration.

He again charged members of PDP in Ghana to ensure they get back home to register to obtain their Permanent Voter Card (PVC) so they could vote in 2019 to remove what he described as “incompetent Buhari” and his APC from power.

The PDP Chairman assured that, with hard work PDP with Atiku would take over the presidency from Buhari to clean up his mess which has resulted in job loss, poor economy and ranking of the country as one of the poorest.

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