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Chiana/Paga MP provide Clean Water for Tindanaa’s

In fulfillment of a campaign promise, the Member of parliament (MP) for Chiana/Paga constituency in the Upper East Region , Hon Rudolf Nsorwinne Amenga-Etego, has launched a pro-poor water project to increase access to safe drinking water for many small and disadvantaged communities.

Over 20 communities within the Chiana/Paga in the Kassena/NankanaWest District, under the traditional jurisdictions of Tindana’s “(Landlords) still lack access to safe and clean drinking water and have to cum streams and rivers for water.

Women and school children in most of these communities have to stretch long distance in order to access potable water to quench thirst.

As part of effort to mitigate the problem, the project dubbed “One Tindaana’s -One Borehole” using part of his MPs common fund to drill boreholes for the Tindanaa’s communities.

The beneficiary Tindaana’s communities includes Gonum in Mirigu, Nakolo in Paga, Pingo Tindaana in Nabango, Nakong in Chiana Amuntanga in Sirigu, Nyagnia Tindaana’s and Kuliya in Paga.

The boreholes to the Tindaana’s, would help to quench their testy and empowered them for domestic uses during the dry season, especially rearing of animals and fowls.
Hon Amenga-etego who is the Deputy Ranking Member on Work and Housing Committee of parliament, disclosed this while interacting with THE REPUBLIC at parliament in Accra.

He said, the decision to drill the boreholes was boned out of a promise to the people during the 2016 elections campaign to reduce the struggle for safe drinking water among the constituent.

Drinking clean water, according to him would help reduce the risk of contacting water related diseases, thus, drinking from contaminated water, while domestic animals water consumption also remained a major problem.

Fundamentally, he said water constitutes an essential part of human needs and that man could survive without electricity supply, road and other social amenities but not without water.

In similar development, the Chiana/Paga lawmaker has also earmarked an amount of GH C 10,000, for the construction of the Sirigu Community library.

He has also provided funds for the supports of Navio community in the constituency to reconstruct a community Centres pavilion which was rift off by storm rain.
Three packets of roofing sheets have also been procured for a similar intervention in Chiana town where a pavilion was completely destroyed by a fallen tree.

Source: therepublicnewsonline.com/Felix Nyaaba

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