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MP extend Power to Zabzugu Outskirts Communities

In fulfilment of a campaign promise to alleviate poverty among his people when elected to parliament as their representative, Hon Alhassan Umar, Member of Parliament for Zabzugu in the Northern Region, has extended power supply from the National grid to outskirts communities around Zabzugu township.

According to him, in the run up to the 2016 general elections, he promised to transform the area by first initiating poverty reduction policies to bridge the yawning gap of development among the constituent and other parts of the region when elected.
Thankfully, he said, he was elected into parliament haven obtained 13,591 Votes out of the valid votes cast representing 50.29%, hence the initiative of the power supply to hook most of the communities onto national grid for electricity, stressing that it was the best to thank the people for the confidence they have reposed in him.

”I feel satisfied as a servant of the people that as an MP in opposition, I have been able to bring development to my people. I feel happy that my campaign promises have been fulfilled and the people know that what I was saying during my campaign, I wasn’t lying. I want to encourage them to take advantage of the opportunity to establish small businesses with the coming of the electricity so that they can sustain their families,” he stated.

The Zabzugu lawmaker who is a member of the Health Committee of parliament, reiterated his commitment to serve his people, nothing, he would continue to lobby for more development projects for the constituency.

”I am the type who is ready and willing to serve my people rather than to be served. I will do anything that my share of the common fund can do just to bring development to the people, and will also lobby for more development,” Hon Umar stressed.

Beside water and health, electricity supply remained one of the cardinal economic growth indicators where business and commence of any nation could be develop.

It was out of that, Hon Umar said motivated him to work hard to ensure the people in the areas within the constituency get power supply after years of demands from government and formers MPs in the constituency failed.

He said with the availability of power, the constituent who are mainly petty traders and Agriculturalist would increase their production as they would now have opportunity to operate day and night, while other professional like hairdressers and seamstress/tailors increase their services.

“Economically, I think the power supply in the constituency will improve our agriculture activity, because most perishable farm produces like tomatoes, okra and other vegetable can now be stored in cold stores. It will also help to produce semi-finish products like fruit juices, while our hairdressers and seamstresses also be able to work to the night.
“More ultimately, with power supply, the level of poverty will be reduce, because it will boast socio-economic activities, provision shops, drinking spots and market traders will be able to operate in the night and street light also provide security,” the MP stated

Additionally, he said, the power supply to the outskirts communities would also enhance teaching and learning in the education sector, as students would now have opportunities to learn under light.

The overall aim of the intervention, Hon Umar said, would help reduce the economic hardship and also open up the area for investors, which in his view would ultimately alleviate extreme poverty among the people.

He said, even though the NDC government did well in provision of education facilities to reduce school dropout and its related problems, there are other facilities which need the government urgent attention and promised to continually knocking at the doors of the government for the projects.

He want government to continue and complete the feeder roads in the constituency to enable farmers and other commuters reach to market centres.

While assuring them of his zeal and commitment to lift out poverty in the constituency, Hon Umar expressed thankful to the constituent for the support given him, especially the Chiefs, the Women groups and the entire youth based and urged them to remained peaceful to each other but hopeful.

He said, there could not be development without peace and cooperation, promising he would never let them down as their MP and vowed to deliver high quality services in parliament and at the constituency.

Some residents of the beneficiary communities were elated upon seeing their communities been connected onto the national grid.

The Residents described the MP as one in a million for MP’s have come and gone, but Hon Umar stands tall amongst all.

Some of the beneficiary communities include Chakpulgu, Lahanjeli new town, Lahanjeli cashew area, Nachimbiya new tow, Lahanjeli Sankopa area and Chakpulgu Baaduli, while beneficiary schools also included Nuria JHS and Chakpulgu primary school.

The Zabzugu District, formerly called Zabzugu-Tatale was carved out of the former East Dagomba District (Yendi) in 1988 by PNDC Law 207, (Act 462), and in 2012 the district became one of the newly created districts due to the carving out of Tatale/Sanguli District with LI 2053.

It located in the eastern part of the Northern Region and covers an area of 1,100.1sqKm2. It shares boundaries with Tatale/Sanguli District to the east, Yendi Municipality to the west, Nanumba North District to the south, and the Soboba District to the north.

The population of the Zabzugu District, according to the 2010 Population and Housing Census, is 63,815 representing 2.6 percent of the region’s population. Males constitute 49.1 percent and females represent 50.9 percent. The proportion of the population lives in rural localities (68%) is higher than that living in urban localities (32%) of the district’s population.

Source: therepublicnewsonline.com/Felix Nyaaba

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