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SiiDi Musah Break silence –I never Receive NDC party paraphernalia

Mr. Siidi Abubakar Musah, outgoing National Youth Organizer of the opposition National Democratic Congress ( NDC), has denied ever receiving bicycles or any form of that paraphernalia from the party in 2016.

According to him, NDC campaign team has never distributed or budgeted bicycles for campaign in the 2016 general elections.

Siidi was responding to media reports captioned” NDC Youth Oranizer threaten “Mahama Boy” over 2016 paraphernalia “and circulating in the social media.

The reports alleged that, the National Youth Organizer kept the NDC party campaign resources for his private use at the disadvantage of the party in 2016.

But speaking to therepublicewsonline.com, Siid Musah denied ever receiving anything of that sort and dared his accusers to prove the sources of the paraphernalia’s if any.

He said, the story was deliberately cooked up and skewed by person(s) who are bent on tarnishing his hard-won reputation in order for him to look bad and selfish in the eyes of the teeming supporters of NDC in the Madina constituency, simply because he remained a political threat to their political ambition.

” I want to state categorically that, I have never receive any paraphernalia from NDC as part of campaign in 2016. The party that I have privilege to served as youth leader never share bicycles as part of our campaign in 2016, let alone Siidi collect for Madina and kept it.”

“I dare those faceless individuals to prove or confirm that the party has shared bicycles in 2016 and which constituency received. Can they prove it?”

So this story circulating in the social media is a calculated attempt by people who think Siidi is a threat to their political ambition.”

“They think they can malign me with this kind of politics. I am a very experience politician and you cannot use this softy tactics against me. But they cannot succeed. I won’t l lie about someone in order to succeed in politics. That is the least thing I can do as a politician,” he stated.

He continued, “My focus is how we get back the parliamentary seat we let to NPP(New Patriotic Party). It was due to this kind of maligning tactics of politics that made us lost the Madina seat, but theybwill not succeed it with me.”

Siidi said, before he expressed interest in leading the good people of Madina as Member of Parliament, he has on number of occasion made donations to several interest groups, including the Muslims communities during Eid FItr and Eid Adha within the Madina constituency and beyond.

In addition to that, he said he had on countless times helped many other individuals within the party at Madina, including the “political charlatans” who now though they have grown wings to assassinate his hard won reputation in politics.

The NDC youth leader pointed that, on his own volition and out of his kind heart to help when there is the need, saying, he assisted the Madina constituency with some funds and other provisions to organize the recent Constituency elections.

He questioned what sort of contribution has those who are seeking for his downfall brought on board to the NDC party in the constituency.

Siidi said,instead of emulating his kind hearted politics to help people and the party in the Constituency, the faceless individual who are noted for deceiving the electorates, rather engaged in unimpressive propaganda against him just to destroy him.
He reiterated his position that he had never at any point in time given bicycles from the party as party of campaign in the build up to the 2016 general elections and dared his accusers to provide evidence of sources or forever shut up off.

“I want to reiterate that, I Siidi Abubakar, I have never receive bicycles as paraphernalia and the party never distributed bicycles for election 2016.” he further debunked the allegations.

Siid however asked the people of Madina, especially NDC members to be wary of people who sought out for their mandates to lead them in parliament, so they could satisfy their parochial interest and ego.

He said no amount of malicious stories in the media could cowed him, nothing that, he would continue to extend helping hand to the good people of Madina and members of the NDC party with or without the selfish individuals who believed Madina constituency is their bonafide property.

Source: therepublicnewsonline.com

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