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My Focus is to Recapture power for NDC 2020- Danny Annang

The National chairmanship aspirant of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr Danny Annang, has vowed to deliver the presidential stool in 2020, if elected as the party’s chairman.

The aspirant made this known during an interview with THE REPUBLIC in Accra over the weekend.
He said, he believed that he has the capacity to turn around the fortunes of the party, which reason he decided to throw his hat to the ring.

According to him, he is very familiar with the dreams, missions and visions of the party and would strengthen its structures in line with the provisions of our constitution.

“My focus is working with all members of our party as national chairman as we rebuild our structures and resourced our party as every level and redirect our energies into progressive and positive actions in our bid to recapture our values , strength on the ground,” he said.

Mr Annang who rose through all the ranks of the party from grassroots to the regional and national level is convinced that he has what it takes to provide leadership and build the party to recapture in 2020.

“So, I think for a political party that is determined to be in power, you need a solid structure to achieve it. I can help to reinvent and refocus the party in a way that it will be a strong pillar to take back power,” he added.

He said under his leadership as National Chairman, he would ensure that the definition and essence of progressive politics is clear to all members and leaders of the party to form the basis of the contract as entrenched in the party’s constitution.

In his view, for one to subscribe to the values of progressive politics is to commit yourself to a party that is people-driven, mass oriented and committed to public welfare, stating, “My hope then is that my task will be to try to begin to help everyone not only to understand the essence of progressive politics, the ideology that it represents but start the process of building a party that in the very nearest future Ghanaians should be able to stop the debate about whether or not there is a difference between one party and the other.”

Uncle Danny’, as he is affectionately known and called within the party, chairmanship race received endorsements as his name, “The Champion Chairman” is selling him hot.
As entrepreneur, a marketer, strategist and thinker, Uncle Danny’s campaign highlights his availability and approachability, two essential qualities that are required for successful party administration.

Comparatively, he is the outstanding aspirants among the rest and his Chairmanship race is captured in what seems to have become people’s favourite description of him ‘the available Champion Chairman’ and he undoubtedly has been involved in party administration than any of his competitors.

Mr Annang is a founding member of the NDC and became the first Deputy Organizer for the Greater Accra Region when the party was christened at Bukom, in Central Accra.

After fulfilling his mandate as regional Organizer, he contested and won the Constituency Chairmanship for Ledzokuku chairing the constituency and superintending over its activities from 1992 until 2005 during which period he earned for himself the nickname, ‘Ledzokuku Mugabe’.

He later became the District Coordinator for La, Teshie and Nungua in the Greater Accra Region for consecutive years providing distinct leadership and exceptional comradeship.
From 1996 to 2005, Uncle Danny was the Greater Accra regional Treasurer of the party and went on to become the Greater Accra Regional Chairman of the party from 2005 to 2009.
In his continued dedication and commitment to party work, Uncle Danny was elected as one of the National Vice Chairmen of the Party in 2009 and he delivered in this office to the admiration of everyone including his colleague vice chairmen almost all of whom were always engaged in other activities limiting their time for party work.

During this period, Uncle Danny worked with party men and women across the country and was always accessible, available and approachable.

It is from his availability to party members from all over the country that Uncle Danny earned the nickname, “The Available Champion Chairman,” because he was the only Vice Chairman who was always available for party duties and dedicated to addressing the concerns of fellow comrades.

As Greater Accra Regional Chairman, Uncle Danny ensured that the then NPP government was always up and doing and led several demonstrations against bad and unfriendly policies of the government.

He capped off an extremely successful office with decisive strategic actions from which the party’s appeal in the Greater Accra Region reached an admirable high. In the run-up to the 2008 elections and with the Party requiring a masterstroke of campaign strategy to wrestle power from the NPP government, Uncle Danny is initiated and set in motion the hugely successful house-to-house campaign that won the Party power in opposition in 2008.
During his leadership as Greater Accra Chairman, 18 out of the 26 Parliamentary seats in the Greater Accra Region were won by the NDC as the party impressively wrestled power from the NPP in 2008.

As a member of the 2012 campaign team, Uncle Danny was pivotal both in management and organization of the campaign.

With the manner of the NDC’s electoral and the fallouts therefrom, one expects nothing other than the party being entrusted to capable hands whose leadership qualities and experience would reconcile the old and the young and harness the collective energies and passion of all.

He promised to mount serious campaign to wrestle power again from the ever underperforming Akufo Addo led NPP Government and restore hope to the good people of Ghana.

Source: therepublicnewsonline.com/Felix Nyaaba

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