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I am in NDC Presidential candidate race to Rescue Ghana– Rickett- Hagan

Hon George Kweku Ricketts-Hagan, a former Central Regional Minister and presidential aspirant, has said he is in the presidential ticket race of the National Democratic Congress ( NDC) for the 2020 election so he could rescue Ghana from economic hardship.

According to the Cape Coast South lawmaker, he remained the best choice as presidential candidate for the NDC and the good people of Ghana.

“Everyone can contest to get the party’s ticket and getting it is one thing, but the most important thing is winning the election. I am better qualified for the ticket to win the 2020 elections for NDC,” he stated.

Confirming his readiness to contest the flag-bear slot with THE REPUBLIC in Accra yesterday, Mr Ricketts-Hagan, said he has no doubt in his mind that he remained the best choice for the NDC and the good people of Ghana who are yearning for the real change.

“I have no doubt in my mind that with Ricketts-Hagan and the NDC will be making the best choice and decision if we as a people truly wish to make good progress and return NDC to power come 2020. I am in the NDC to add value and I believe it is only Ricketts-Hagan that can bring this to table and the evidences are clear but the choice is for the party to make,” he added.

In December 2017, the two term MP for Cape Coast South informed his colleague Minority Members of Parliament of his interest to become president on the ticket of the NDC. He had also written to the NDC General Secretary, officially informing the party of his intention to join the flag-bearer race.

Explaining why he is in the race, Mr Rickett-Hagan said, “We went into an election in 2016 and lost. We have come back to the drawing board to strengthen ourselves with new ideas, with new vision and that is what I believe I will be able to offer my ideas to the party going forward and that is the reason why I have put my heart in the ring among others.”

“I have taken almost one year, since we lost the elections to do some retrospection of what has gone wrong with our dear party and the possibilities for the future, and how we can reset and reposition our party strongly and strategically to stand a chance of winning power again.”

“I have done my own introspection and soul searching, and my readiness to lead our great party. I see myself as a better candidate to lead the NDC into the future and I can confidently say to you that I am ready to lead our great party to victory, if I am given the opportunity,’’ he added.

He advised NDC leadership and members to remember that Ghanaians place so much hope on the party to rescue them from economic hardship and such hope must not be dashed.

“We must remember as a party that Ghanaians hope on the NDC. The people of Ghana are yearning for the real change to rescue the nation from economic hardship under the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) and we will not let that hope dash,” the MP stated.

He noted that the high level of interest for various executives positions by members are quite commendable and I have no doubt that NDC will be victorious in the 2020 presidential election.

Regarding preparation by the party towards the flag-bear race, Mr Ricketts-Hagan called for transparency, stating, “We must ensure all candidates have information on the party primaries and it must be credible and transparent for the best candidate to be selected and put forward to challenge the NPP in 2020.”

He called on party members to remained united and embrace the renewed effort toward rebuilding the nation in order to tackle the menace of insecurity, economic hardship and other challenges Ghanaians are experiencing under the NPP.

The Former Regional Minister assured the youths that with him as Ghana’s president their future is secured, adding that, ” I have concerns to the plight of the youth with an unflinching capacity to deliver and my focus is industrialization and youth unemployment if elected Ghana’s president come 2020.”

He appealed to the youth of NDC to support him, saying that their support for him would make the difference and change the story of the country for the better.
Mr Rickett-Hagan also took a swipe on the Akufo Addo led NPP government for inflicting Ghanaians with economic hardship, pointing that, “the current state of the economy indicates that the change Ghanaians voted for in 2016 was shortchanged and therefor needed a fresh face with good policies to redeem the country.”

Answering questions on his views on the $2 billion Master Project Support Agreement (MPSA) between Ghana and Sinohydro,the Legislator said, the government has misled Ghanaian with explanation that the $2 billion from China was not a not loan but barter trade.

He questioned the government reasons in arriving at that when there are conditionality’s and interest attached, stating that, ” it is not a barter trade but rather a forward payment loan.”

He also criticized the government for taking what he described as “wrong approach” in dealing with the banking sector to sanitize the industry.

Source: therepiblicnewsonline.com/Felix Nyaaba

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