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READ: Why Hajia Alijata should be NDC Deputy National Women’s Organizer

Hon Hajia Alijata Sulemana has served the great umbrella party diligently. She is being contributing to the party for the past 25 years. She entered into spotlight politics when she became assembly member in 2006. During her days at the local assembly, she contributed significantly to her community as an assembly member.

At the constituency level, she served very well with good character and good human relation and ended up becoming the District Chief Executive for Sisala East in the Upper West Region for four solid years.

By den to continue to serve the party and the country, she contested keenly at the NDC parliamentary primaries in 2011 and subsequently won the national general elections to represent the good people of Sisala East as their Member of Parliament (MP).

She served as MP from 2013 to January 6, 2017 and has since remained faithful to the party in the region and has been very supportive, working hard and very dedicative.

A decade ago, women and children in the Sisala East District , walked miles to get potable drinking water for their households.

Hajia Alijata Sulemana, the Deputy National Women’s Organizer aspirant, then a volunteer with the People Action to Win Life All-round (PAWLA), a non-governmental organisation at Tumu in Sisala East, personally intervened and helped curbed the water situation in her community.
Aside from the unavailability of water, there were other developmental deficiencies in the community of which Hajia Alijata, thought she could help make better should she get an influential platform.
“Apparently, it was at the time that so much noise was being made about women getting involved in politics,” she said.
She, thus, decided to contest for the position of assembly woman which she considered would give her the platform to help her community.
Fortunately, she won the assemblies and campaigned vehemently for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in 2008 and subsequently, contested for the District Chief Executive (DCE) position in 2009.
Competing as the only woman among nine men, she won the DCE elections.
As the DCE, Hajia Alijata lobbied for a number of Ghana Education Trust Fund (GETfund) projects for almost every community in the Sisala East District, one of which was a six-unit classroom block for the Wellembelle community.
As water was the main reason why she decided to delve into politics, she made life easier for the people in the Sisala East district when she, together with the help of the Community Water and Sanitation Agency, provided the community with boreholes.
She also mobilised the ladies in her community who had no jobs and put them in places they could work.
“I got most of them trained and recruited for the School Feeding Programme and also formed youth groups where I introduced them to credit facilities and sensitised them to what they can do for themselves.”
In showing appreciation for her works in the Sisala East district, some of the district members contributed and picked up forms for her to contest the parliamentary primaries in 2011 which she won.
As a Member of Parliament for the Sisala East Constituency, Hajia Alijata pushed for a number of developmental projects including a senior high school and a six unit classroom block with two teacher’s quarters.
With her Common Fund, she has built a Community Based Health Planning and Services (CHPS) compound for her constituency.
As a woman with compassionate heart, Hajia intervened on behalf of some parents who struggles to pay their wards school fees and also provided a number of vulnerable students in the community with over 5,000 pairs of sandals and school uniforms.
She did help all these needy students whole-hearty without consideration of their parents political affiliation, for in her view NDC as a social democratic party do not discriminate.

Whilst in parliament, she was a member of lands and Forestry committee as well as Gender and Social Protection Committee.

She was a member of GOPAC, a member of Parliamentary Network on World Bank and IMF , was part of formation of parliamentary friendship Association to France, Paris.

Hon Alijata holds Diploma in Community Development, Diplomacy and International Development, Strategic Planning and Management.GSGL. She is an Alumni of Graduate School of Governance and Leadership( GSGL) Accra.Tema.

She also belong to a number of world recognized professional bodies including . ALGAF .GIMPA, Africa Local Government Action Forum, ACYPL, America Council of Young Political Leaders, Alumni Shalom Club, Israel Haifa, Alumni West African Nobles Forum.Ghana.

With all these experience and loyalty, She is now contesting for the position of the DEPUTY NATIONAL WOMEN’S ORGANIZER, which she is more qualified, fit and strong enough with experience to work perfectly with the Grassroots whether young or old to bring more developments in the party and also to ensure victory 2020.

Naturally, she is very respectful, humble, generous and cares about the life and welfare of people irrespective of their ethnic, political, religious and social background.

She is also seen by her constituents as an affable personality and a team player in every aspect of society. She further described herself as a Unifier, Dedicated, Smart, Intelligent, Development Practitioner and a Philanthropist.

Source: therepublicnewsonline.com/Felix Engsalige Nyaaba

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