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NDC needs Experience Deputy National Organizer – Agbesi Nutsu

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) National Deputy Organiser hopeful, Mr. Agbeti Nutsu has stated that he comes with uttermost different experience in an organisation which would help to snatch power from the non-performing NPP government.
In an interview with THE REPUBLIC  in Accra, Mr. Nutsu said he served the party in various ranks for over 26 years, until he became part of the elections directorate of the NDC for 12 years.
He posited that his experience in the organisation at the constituency level, and the kind of worked he did for the party shows he has what it takes to go for the national deputy organiser position to help bring the NDC back to power.
Mr. Nutsu explained that the 2020 elections is not about diplomacy, but about radicalism, “…we know how to do it, people think is about rally, no, you need to position yourself strategically so that you can strike to bit your enemy, that is why I am coming on board”, he stressed.
As part of his strategies, Mr. Agbesi Nutsu hinted he would have to move from places to places, centres to centres where people always gather to propagate the good works of the NDC in the bid to canvass for more votes.
He said he is joining the race because he believes he has what it takes to contribute to the NDC organizational department for victory, chiefly in these critical moments where people are suffering.
Mr. Nutsu hinted he has been following the economy under Nana Addo at the market places and shops, and as a journalist by profession, he knows how to convey well with the information he gathered also at other laces.
Mr. Nutsu told this paper he has more dossiers on the failed NPP government that could enable him maximized vote for the opposition NDC when elected the party’s national deputy organiser.
Ghanaians now want the NDC back to solve the numerous problems the Nana Addo led NPP administration kept creating, because it is clear Nana Addo and the NPP had deceived them to get power, he stressed.
The NDC National Deputy Organiser hopeful also suggested the party must start winning the elections in 2019, because to him, the NPP is trying to do anything dubious to retain power at all cost having realized they have failed the people with wicked economy.
He thinks the NDC must focus on the people who give the party the necessary votes to come to power. “….the NDC must tell the people its story because the NPP born liars would like to go for the votes of the innocent Ghanaians to retain power”, he warned.
Mr. Nutsu drummed that the NDC must have strong message this time around, and since he would also contribute in most party activities if voted for, the party would come up with strong messages.

Source: therepublicnewsonline.com/Delali Awuyeh

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